High Fructose Corn Syrup Containing Foods are Harmful for Health

Although many individuals can argue the fact that High Fructose Corn Syrup has no bad effect on health, there are a lot of debates that are against the component. Most nutritionists think HFCS as the main factor for the increase of obesity rates in the country. Moreover, there is an assumption that our body treats fructose within high fructose corn syrup in a different way than cane sugar. Whether you accept it or not that HCFS is unhealthy ingredient, I can give you some examples of such kind of food along with the solutions that anyone can use.

1. Juice Cocktails– If any juice drink is not prepared with 100 % juice, this usually contains a huge quantity of HFCS, together with other artificial as well as natural constituents and flavors. One such example that I can give you is Capri-Sun Juices. So, I usually buy juice that is completely pure. Even it is better to eat the fruit directly as it will give all the benefits of fiber.

2. Soda and breakfast Cereal– I do not know whether you consider it or not, often sodas consist of some juice hat include HFCS.  Orangina is one such type of soda. So, I can better tell you to mix the hundred percent juicy liquid along with a seltzer to make it sweeter. Even apparently healthy breakfast of cereals is full of HFCS. When I buy the food of any brand I use to go through the nutrition level thoroughly.

3. Yogurt– Again, another seemingly healthy foodstuff such as yogurt often has HFCS. Sometimes, it is discovered in those that hold fruit and any other sweetened items. To avoid all these, I always go for any plain and simple variety that does not have such HFCS. In this context, frozen berries or fresh fruit can be mixed with the plain yogurt to bring in natural sweetness.

4. Salad dressings– It is also believed that HFCS is put into apparently un-sweet things such as salad dressings. So, I use to make my own dressings if possible so that I can know what constituents are being applied. One can also buy best quality oils along with vinegars, which are infused with various spices, to produce delicious toppers of salad.

5. Jams– Since jam and jelly have fruit, they may appear like quite healthy spreads used for sandwiches. But, various jams and jellies, which you can purchase at the grocery shop, have HFCS. Actually, this is often one of the major constituents. As a result, I try to stick with homemade jelly, or purchasing jam without HFCS.

6. Dinners that are made frozen to preserve– Frozen dinners almost have turned out to be very common to every individual. They may be fast, suitable, and ideal for busy person. But, they are often full of unhealthy ingredients, such as high fructose containing corn syrup. Whenever I am very busy, I want make some meals at the end of the week so that I can heat it up on other days when I consume it.

Thus, whether it is a case of diabetes patient or not, it is essential to avoid this risky fructose element all together. While preparing foods, be aware of constituents to lower the possibilities of diabetes.

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