Wedding Dress Ideas 2021 – Your Guide to the Perfect Traditional Maharashtrian Outfit

The glamour and gleam of a Maharashtrian wedding are of true magnificence. After all, the excitement lies not just in tying the nuptial knot but undergoing the style of wedding that entails a series of vibrant rituals!

From discovering your perfect partner from any Marathi matrimony website to drawing the event’s closure with bells and whistles – the wedding has to be one of its kind. So, besides other significant elements of a wedding (including rituals, photography, makeover, and family get-togethers), clothing plays an integral part in a wedding. The costumes of the state compose the nine-yard saree (for women) and shirt & dhoti (for men).

Once the matchmaking is done with, via any popular Marathi matrimony app, and the wedding dates are confirmed, the bride-to-be and the groom start preparations for the fated day. Let’s elucidate the different ideas that a wedding attendee or the bride or groom can opt for when it comes to a Maharashtrian wedding!

Selecting Traditional Outfits for a Maharashtrian Bride & Bridesmaid/ Groom and His Friends

The pandemic has taught the world an in-depth lesson of taking precautionary measures even during a wedding. With that being the focus, you have to pay proper attention while selecting your attire. A matching mask with wedding dresses is of paramount importance. Today, the attendees should focus on maintaining social distance under the canopied place where wedding rituals are performed.

But amidst all the new-normal norms, there lies the excitement of attending the wedding. That calls for decking up prim and proper by selecting any of the below-provided traditional outfits! Whether you’re the bride-to-be or one of the bridesmaids, you can choose one of these clothing styles!

Brides & Bridesmaid

1. Paithani Sari Exclusively for The Bride

Paithan district has the origin of this clothing style. If history is anything to consider, it’s the traditional outfit that a Maharashtrian lady wears at her wedding. It can either be woven in Benarasi silk or Kanjeevaram silk.

Traditional colours like green and yellow were more predominant choices with a must-installed golden border. But with modern-day experimentations, brides have been discovering variations! But amidst experimentation, the uniqueness of the mango and peacock motifs over the pallu remains unchanged!

2. A Nauvari Saree

A nauvari saree, meaning nine yards, is one that is named after the length of the said saree. Most of the Maharashtrian brides opt for this saree, draping it like a dhoti. They are also popular as Kashta sarees.

3. Opt for a Narayan Peth Saree

If you are looking for something colourful, opt for a narayan peth saree. Their bright and broad borders make these sarees look very elegant. Both the bride and other women of the household can opt for different kinds of narayan peth sarees. Made mainly with animal or flower motifs, this saree has a zari work along the pallav and also the border.

3. Head Dress for a Bride

It’s a must for brides to wear a headdress used with the end of the sari. A modern bride can incorporate different traditional elements for her hairdo!

Grooms & His Friends

1. Dhoti

Dhoti is the single piece tucked around the waist, covering the leg till the ankles. They get secured by making five tucks on every side, and then loose ends get secured at its back. Dhotis are available in many colours:

  • Saffron
  • Cream
  • White

Maharashtrian men wear it in most of their celebrations, and grooms are no exception!

2. Pehta

Pehta is a headdress Marathi men’s outfit. The ‘topi’ cover is made of cotton. Known as pagris, these are small hats made for covering heads to protect from direct sun rays.

3. Kurta & Shirts

If your friend’s wedding is knocking at the door, it’s time to shop for the right wedding outfits for men. And kurta and shirts become the right selection to beat the scorching summers!

4. Waistcoat

For occasions, a waistcoat or Bandi is a must-include wedding outfit. They are worn above shirts and are pragmatic, keeping the climate in mind.

Wrap Up

Besides these wedding outfits, Maharashtrian weddings are more popular because of their grandeur and other attractions, including the jewellery pieces – like nath, thushi, mohan mala – among others. So, this was everything you had to learn about traditional Maharashtrian dresses for men and women!

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