4 Things to Add to Your Morning Routine to Boost Weight Loss

Jodi Clarke shared that most productivity coaches agree that how you begin your day massively impacts how the rest of your day will go. Because of this, morning routines can determine if people have a great and productive day. Creating a morning routine doesn’t have to include complicated things. It can be as simple as taking a walk in the morning before eating breakfast or practicing mindfulness before starting your day. Doing so will enable you to begin your day with confidence, peace, and a positive attitude.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, starting your day with simple but effective weight-loss methods can bring you closer to your fitness goals and be productive.

Here are four activities you can add to your morning routine to help you lose weight:

Don’t skip breakfast

Although reducing your food intake can help you lose pounds, skipping breakfast can backfire on your weight-loss goals. Our article on ‘From Flab To Fab, Fat To Fit’ discussed that eating breakfast plays an essential role in your weight loss plan. Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day. It will also fuel your body to perform exercises. Instead of skipping meals, aim for a heavy breakfast that includes high-fiber cereals, oatmeals, nuts, and fruits. You can choose to eat high-protein meals, such as eggs, tuna, and yogurt, because protein decreases the level of hunger hormones that are responsible for increasing your appetite.

Try to sleep longer in the morning

Getting more sleep in the morning, especially when you get into bed late, can help you lose weight. A report from The Conversation showed that people who sleep for only 5.5 hours each night while on a calorie-restricted diet attain less fat loss than those who sleep for 8.5 hours each night. A lack of sleep can also disrupt the balance of your appetite hormones, making you more likely to eat unhealthy food. This is why the weight loss plans at WeightWatchers outline how effective plans should include adequate sleep alongside a personalized diet and exercise plan to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. If your weight-loss plan is aligned with your preferences and habits, it will be easier to achieve your goals.

Drink plenty of water

Another simple but effective way to lose weight in the morning is drinking plenty of water. Amy Richter revealed that individuals lose more weight when they drink 500-milliliters of water before each meal, including breakfast, for over 12 weeks. They explained that drinking water decreases your energy intake, which can allow you to lose more weight since you will eat less during mealtimes. This is because you will already feel satiated from drinking water before meals. In addition, Ritcher shared that higher fluid intake is associated with improved body composition among young adults and can even prevent obesity.

Perform exercises in the morning

Lastly, performing some physical activity first thing in the morning can help boost weight loss. In a study by Paul Arciero and colleagues on the best time to exercise, they found that workout training in the morning has profound impacts on cardiometabolic, body composition, and physical performance outcomes. Arciero reported that women who exercised in the morning experienced significantly higher reductions in total fat mass and percentage of abdominal fat mass than those women exercising in the evening. Similarly, men who trained in the morning also saw significant improvements in body composition. Moreover, morning exercises result in reduced blood pressure and increased lower body muscle power, particularly among women.

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