Baking Soda Uses
10 Aug 2020

8 Baking Soda Uses That you Didn’t Know About

Baking soda is one of the most important household staples. It is there, right now, in your fridge, or your kitchen cupboard. You can bake cookies, use for stomach pain, or even bring it out for washing. Baking Soda has been a constant in your life for a long time.

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08 Jan 2019

5 Keys to the Perfect Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter skin care may seem complicated, because perhaps you’re using the exact same products you used during the warmer months, yet not enjoying the same results. Don’t be discouraged, it’s a simpler fix than you realize! There’s more at work than just the products you use. The dry air in

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07 Jan 2019

Planning an NYC fashion group tour

New York is the ‘it’ place for shopaholics and fashionistas. If you are a true blue fashion lover and planning to go out on a group fashion tour with your favourite coterie of friends, do make your way to New York City. Boasting some of the finest world-class couture around,

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things to do in Sweden
04 Aug 2018

Best Things to See in Sweden

Sweden, capital Stockholm, is the largest of the four Nordic countries. It has a long coast on its east with Baltic sea and is connected with Denmark via the Öresund Bridge. With its other two Nordic neighbors Finland and Norway it shares a land border. Even though parts of it

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16 Jul 2018

Things That Should Top Your Bucket List in the Bahamas!

The Bahamas is synonymous with an exotic beach vacation and are on every globetrotter’s wishlist. The archipelagic state enjoys its popularity as one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean region. The Bahamas is a land of diverse people and cultures, with many things to do and places to

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28 Apr 2018

How To Buy For The Gear Lover On Your List

Whether you’re shopping for an upcoming birthday, getting a leg up on the holidays, or buying a gift to celebrate an anniversary, goods for “gear lovers” can be hard to find! Not that there aren’t many options these days, in fact quite the opposite. Sometimes too much choice in a

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