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    Best Things to See in Sweden

    Sweden, capital Stockholm, is the largest of the four Nordic countries. It has a long coast on its east with Baltic sea and is connected with Denmark via the Öresund Bridge. With its other two Nordic neighbors Finland and Norway it shares a land border. Even though parts of it stretch into arctic Sweden enjoys a favorable climate due to its proximity to the Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current circulating the seas off Scandinavia. The country boasts of a variety of landscapes from dense deciduous forests and green farmlands in its south to coniferous forests and glaciers in its north. A visitor will not lack things to do in Sweden.…


    Things That Should Top Your Bucket List in the Bahamas!

    The Bahamas is synonymous with an exotic beach vacation and are on every globetrotter’s wishlist. The archipelagic state enjoys its popularity as one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean region. The Bahamas is a land of diverse people and cultures, with many things to do and places to visit. Whether you want to relax under the sun on the beach or partake in exciting water sports, the Bahamas has all the right ingredients to make your vacation a memorable experience. Here is a list of the top 10 things you must do in the Bahamas: 1. Play in the pink sands If you step further away from the…