5 Rules of Drinking Everyone Should be Aware of!

In today’s modern and urbane lifestyle where everyone wants to fit in the rat race of being better than the other, every third person is a regular or occasional drinker. Well! It isn’t a bad habit after all but only if you are an occasional drinker. Regular drinking might harm your body & can prove to be detrimental. However, we aren’t going to give you further lectures but every drinker must acknowledge the following rules about drinking. Scroll down:

Don’t drink & drive

We all love those parties where we can booze, don’t we? Parties where there isn’t any limit on our boozing or those social gatherings where we can gulp down 8 shots without restrictions. Well! Now that’s something which might be unfavorable. If you have a driver to drop you home safely, we don’t mind if you gulp down another 8 bottom’s up but when you know you don’t have anyone to drop you home but you’ve got to drive all by yourself, beware! Don’t overdo & set your limits. It might help you in reaching home safely.

Don’t leave a drink in the middle 

If you are with your buddies or at a party boozing & dancing, make sure you finish your drink & then get to the dance floor. Leaving your drink in the middle might somehow be negative. Who knows if someone drops in adverse things in your drink which might hamper your body later? Make sure you gulp it down before getting on the dance floor or don’t drink it at all. Leaving your drink in the middle is a big No-No.

If someone’s preparing your drink: Observe!

First of all, we advise that you must prepare your drink on your own but if you are lazy enough to get it made by someone else, observe. Always make sure that you witness the preparation of your drink so that you are aware of the ingredients put in the making of the concoction. Don’t simply leave it to the bartender or your buddies, they might be your closest pals but your safety is only & only in your hands. Take care!

Don’t slurp the drink on an empty stomach! 

If you’ve got plans to droll around after drinking and get high, make sure you don’t vomit it out! Never gulp down the concoction on an empty stomach, which might upset your stomach and you’ll eventually vomit it out. Always have snacks when you are drinking so that it balances the amount of alcohol. You can have 10 pegs and get high, what’s the need to gulp it down on an empty stomach & sulk with the consequence?

Beware of your ambiance! 

Whenever you’ve planned to drink & get high or simply take down the bottoms up one after the other, make sure you drink with the ones you can trust. The most important rule of drinking is to beware of your ambiance. When alcohol takes over your body, you are in an unconscious state and you become vulnerable. Don’t let any tom, dick or harry take advantage of your vulnerability. Your safety is important & make sure you don’t let anyone take undue benefit of your susceptible condition.

Beware for your landlord 

If you live in rented house beware of your landlord especially in south Indian cities. Most of the landlord’s don’t want their tenants to be a drinker. So be alert while you look house for rent in Bangalore or other south Indian cities.

However, drinking is the part & parcel of every teenager’s life & of all those living an urbane lifestyle. Sudden consequences can happen anywhere & everywhere which can make you sulk. Don’t let enjoyment hamper your life or your body. Take note of the aforementioned drinking rules & share it with your loved ones so that everyone is aware of it. Spread the word!

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