7 Must-have Apps for College Students

Those who are the student of any online college course, usually face problem in handling of huge number of tasks like remembering the dates of exam, homework and so on. So, to solve this difficulty, I have mentioned here some of the extraordinary apps that can do all these tasks of a student with no difficulty.

  IStudiez Pro- I think that it is one of the most helpful apps designed for all students in order to be organized while in college. This app enables me to keep record to each phase of my life. Everything like plans of college routines, social arrangement etc will become easy through this app. I can even add in my assign schedule, fix the time of home work and also set a contact list of my college teachers. Moreover the interface of the app is user friendly.

  Remember the Milk- To stay on top of the to-do list, to be very systematic is a vital part as a student. This app can make certain that I never forget to finish a task. The app can be synchronized with the email as well as calendar. The most important fact is this app does not need any internet connection. And since it is free, it is worthy to download.

  Quizlet – This app is also useful for my studies. It helps to compile flashcards to assist with finals as well as general studies. The cards can be set to appear in a particular order. I can also randomize the order if it is needed so.

  Dropbox- Cell phones, tabs, laptops or computers, are used for personal purposes and also for college use. It is really brilliant for any person but it is also one of the excellent student apps. This offers an immediate, easy-to-use cloud server for me to upload all of my files to, and then accept them on any tool with the app being downloaded. The app can function on both Android devices and iOS system, and is supreme for college organization. I have got 2GB storage space at free of cost with it as well.

  Planner Plus- It may sound more expensive than other apps but it has served me a lot, which is not possible by any cheaper app. It presents stages of sub planning, which any other planning app does not. Therefore, when I have multiple disciplined courses, with a number of components, this app is incredibly useful. Home works, events and also important notes are all assembled in a single place for a simple view.

  ToDoMatrix- This freebie app is also essential to me because it can bring an entirely new level to arrange my studies. There is a need to make a folder for tasks that have to be completed. It is really a necessary folder since different private tasks have to be kept in different folders. Almost thirty tasks can be stored at a time.

  Snap2PDF- Being a college student, I have lots of notes along with review sheets in my room. Before downloading the app, I have many problems since these notes sometimes become messy and haphazard. With the help of this app, I can easily pack them. At first I take an image of the handout and then transform it to PDF format.

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