The Best Blackhead Removal Techniques

If you are an adult, you know what blackheads are. Once you hit puberty, blackheads become a big part of your life. What are blackheads? Blackheads are small bumps that start appearing on your skin once you reach a certain age. These bumps form mainly on your face. However, they may appear on other parts of your body as well. These bumps are the result of blocked pores or hair follicles. Blackheads get their name from their black color. However, the dark color is not dirt. Oil and dead skin cells turn black when they come in contact with the air. The oxygen in the air oxidizes them. That’s why they become black. Everyone faces blackhead problems at some point in their life. Let’s be real. Nobody likes blackheads. Everybody wants to get rid of them. But only some of them know how to do it properly without damaging their skin. People often end up hurting themselves and their skin’s wellbeing, trying to remove blackheads. There are various ways to remove blackheads safely. In this article, we will discuss the safest methods for blackhead removal.

What are the best methods for blackhead removal?

Although there are many ways to remove blackheads, not all of them are the correct ways. If you face blackhead problems, don’t worry. Do not get frantic. If you try to do it hastily, you may end up making the situation worse. So be patient and read on to find out the most effective method for blackhead removal. But remember one thing. Everyone’s problem is different. So is their skin type. These factors play a vital role in choosing the right blackhead removal technique for you.

Use topical products for blackhead removal

Topical products or over-the-counter products are one of the best treatments available for blackheads. But you have to consider some things. First, you have to figure out what your skin type is. First, identify whether you have oily, normal, dry, or sensitive skin. Knowing your skin type makes it easier for you to choose the right topical product for your skin. You can buy a face wash or skin cream that suits your particular skin type.

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are indeed two of the most effective ingredients in treating blackheads. However, not every skin type suits these ingredients. If your skin doesn’t suit benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, you may face allergic reactions. If you notice any skin-related issues, stop using them immediately. Sensitive skins may react to harsh products such as soap, cosmetics, and fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, use products that are suitable for your skin.

If your skin is a little too sensitive and tends to dry out often, use products containing salicylic acid. Check the product label carefully to know if it contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is not harsh to the skin. It doesn’t cause inflammation or peeling. Plus, they work at a slower pace than many other alternatives. Salicylic acid works better if it mixes with glycolic acid. It will eliminate blackheads and give you clear, glowing skin.

If your skin is not sensitive, you can use benzoyl peroxide. It loosens up your pores. So the blackhead comes out naturally. But it is usually harsh on your skin. The amount of benzoyl peroxide in topical products varies between 2.5% and 10%. Identifying the right amount of benzoyl peroxide and the duration of leaving it on your skin is essential. If your skin is sensitive, use less benzoyl peroxide. If not, use more. Don’t leave it on your skin for a long time if your skin is sensitive. You can get benzoyl peroxide very easily at almost all medical stores.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid is also good for exfoliating your skin. For example, glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid. You can find it in many exfoliating products. Always remember to read the instructions carefully before using these products. Such products can make you more sensitive to sunlight. So it is better to use sunscreen before going out.

Blackhead removal products are usually available in the form of face washes or over-the-counter skin creams. Remember to choose the right product after thinking and analyzing each product carefully.

Natural home remedies for blackhead removal

Apart from topical medicines, there are many effective natural home remedies for blackhead removal. However, you must understand that they have their limits. If you opt for natural home remedies to get rid of your blackhead, you should know something. There is little to no scientific evidence supporting these claims. We also don’t know if they are effective in blackhead removal. So they are not entirely risk-free. These home remedies are mostly anecdotal. They rely on personal experiences. These treatments may not work for you and end up damaging your skin. Contact your doctor before trying any of these home remedies. Stop using them immediately if they show any side effects.

People generally believe egg whites contain a unique protein that kills pimple-causing germs. You can use a face mask made of egg white on your skin to remove blackheads. First, clean your face with water. Then pat it dry with a towel. Extract the egg white from the yolk and apply it on your face like a mask. Make sure your fingers are clean when you are using the mask to your face. Repeat the process after the first layer of egg white dries up. Repeat it at least thrice. Wash your face after the last layer has dried up and pat dry. Salmonella can grow on raw egg whites. So don’t swallow the egg white.

Honey is another great home remedy for blackheads. It has both antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can help heal skin abnormalities. However, these claims are not scientifically proven. To use honey for blackhead removal, warm it up in a pan. You can put a honey jar into warm water. after 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your face with water ten minutes later.

Artificial home remedies for the removal of blackhead

There are also some artificial home remedies for blackhead removal. But like the natural remedies, consult with your dermatologist before trying any artificial treatment. The effectiveness of artificial home remedies is not scientifically proven. So they are indeed anecdotal as well as risky. You could end up hurting your skin if things go south.

Boric powder solution may cure blackheads. It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. Mix highly diluted boric acid with water to make a boric powder solution. You can buy boric acid easily from almost all medical stores. Use ½ cup of warm water with ½ tablespoon of boric powder. Apply this solution to your skin. Wash it off with cold water, 15 to 20 minutes later. However, remember that boric acid can cause eye or skin irritation. So make sure you dilute it properly. Boric acid is a pesticide. Therefore, it is extremely harmful to the health of infants. Make sure they don’t swallow it.

Iodine and Epsom salts are said to be beneficial in kicking oil and dead skin cells out of your pore. Epsom salts exfoliate your skin. Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt, four drops of iodine, and ½ cup of hot water. Let it cool off a little. Then apply this solution to your face and let it dry. Wash your face with water. Like the boric powder method, this method also has no scientific evidence. Iodine can react badly to your skin if you leave it on your face for too long. It can also cause hyperthyroidism.

Other effective methods

Apart from the ways mentioned above, there are several others. Squeezing your blackheads is a bad idea. Don’t squeeze or pick blackheads as it may cause swelling and infections. Blackheads are stubborn. They don’t come out easily. Squeezing your blackheads without loosening up the pores can damage your skin. You can use steam therapy to loosen up your pores. Warm some water up and put it into a bowl. Then hold your face above the bowl. Place a towel over your head and take the steam on your face. After a few minutes, it will start loosening up your pores.

There are also many tools available to remove blackheads from your skin. Here are some of those tools:

Comedones extractor: Dermatologists often use comedones extractor for blackhead removal. It effectively removes blackheads from your pores. But you can use it for home purposes as well. It is easy to use. Place its loop over your blackhead and apply some pressure. Then pull it down to make your blackhead pop out.

Blackhead strip: Blackhead strips are another great choice for blackhead removal. This technique is mostly safe and does not irritate your skin. However, it is not a permanent solution. But it can help you in urgent situations. Blackhead strips help pull out blackheads from your pores.

Facial cleansing brush: Facial cleansing brushes exfoliate your skin to make it look better. It cleanses your skin to improve your skin tone. Thus, it reduces the appearance of your blackheads.

Blackhead remover pore vacuum: Blackhead remover pore vacuum is an excellent blackhead removal tool. It comes with a replaceable suction head. It works by sucking blackheads out of your pores. You can use it even if your skin is sensitive.

Visual blackhead remover: This tool is a blackhead remover vacuum that helps in blackhead removal with camera. The device comes with a high definition camera. So, you can witness the blackhead removal process live through a dedicated app on your phone.


Take medical help if things don’t get better

If these blackhead removal DIY methods don’t work, take medical advice. Never hesitate to take help from a trained professional. Paying a visit to a dermatologist will help you in this case. They will examine your skin thoroughly and identify the root cause of your problem. A dermatologist is a trained person to recommend you the right medications and treatment. So if you think that your acne is severe, contact your doctor immediately.

Your dermatologist may recommend you some prescription products. They can help treat your stubborn acne. Your dermatologist may even prescribe benzoyl peroxide because it can unclog pores. As we mentioned earlier, benzoyl peroxide has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Depending on your situation, your dermatologist might prescribe you some topical medications. They might also prescribe oral antibiotics. If you have acne lesions along with your blackheads, both types of treatment can go on simultaneously. Rest assured, your doctor will choose the treatment that suits you best.

Blackhead removal – YouTube video tutorials

Many people don’t know how they should remove blackheads. If you are one of them, we got your back. In such cases, you may find blackhead removal YouTube videos extremely helpful. Go to YouTube. Then type “blackhead removal videos 2020” to see the latest videos on blackhead removal. Or, if you want to watch giant blackhead extraction tutorials, you can search “giant blackhead removal 2019” on YouTube. These video tutorials can help you learn about the proper way of removing a blackhead. For your convenience, we have compiled some of the best blackhead removal videos on YouTube. Here’s the list:

1. Blackheads and whiteheads extraction (397) | Loan Nguyen

2. Extraction Satisfaction (Blackhead Removal) | CONTOUR DERMATOLOGY

3. Blackhead Removal by Dr.Lalit Kasana (28 OCT. 2020)


5. Remove BLACKHEADS WHITEHEADS CLOGGED PORES Naturally | Permanent Results | Get Smooth Glowing Skin |

Apart from the videos mentioned above, there are many other useful video tutorials. You can YouTube blackhead removal videos yourself to find out more. See which video works best for you.

Important safety information

While there are multiple effective techniques to extract blackheads from your pores, you should take care of some things. Remember the following things to ensure the safety of your skin.

  • Blackheads are indeed annoying. You may want to get rid of them as soon as you can. But you should never be desperate. The process of getting rid of blackheads takes time and patience. So don’t be hasty.
  • Do not opt for treatments that are harsh for your skin. They can make things worse. Moreover, you could end up having more blackheads than before. Always use mild medications and products to prevent any skin damage.
  • Do not continue treatments that cause side effects. Discontinue that treatment as soon as you notice anything strange. If any product irritates your skin, stop using it immediately. If your condition worsens, take medical help without hesitation.
  • When applying medications to your face, make sure they don’t get into your eyes. If it happens, wash your eyes out with cold water as soon as possible.
  • Always read the warning label before using any AHA-based product for blackhead removal.


How do you get rid of deep blackheads?

Deep blackheads are worse than normal blackheads. They are more deeply rooted in your pores. For deep blackhead removal, it is best to take professional help. Do not try to remove deep blackheads by picking or squeezing them. It can cause permanent scars on your skin. Dermatologists primarily use photo pneumatic therapy to remove deep blackheads. They use pulsed light lasers and handheld vacuums to get deep into your pores and remove the blackhead.

Is it good to remove blackhead?

Well, it depends on how frequently you remove blackheads. Removing a blackhead once in a blue moon is alright. But don’t make it a habit. Frequent picking and squeezing on your skin can be dangerous. It can lead to permanent scars. So if you suffer from recurring blackheads, do not try to remove them yourself. Go to a dermatologist and settle for professional treatment options.

What is the best tool for removing blackheads?

As we discussed earlier, there are various tools available in the market. Most of them are safe options. Comedone extractor is a good blackhead removal tool. Blackhead strips and visual blackhead removers are also effective in blackhead removal. But before using these tools, make sure you figure out your skin type and the severity of the problem. Choose the ideal blackhead removal tool for you according to your needs.

What happens when blackheads are not removed?

Every human gets blackheads. Yes, they look bad. But they are usually not problematic. However, they can turn into inflammatory pimples if left untreated. It happens because of the gathered oil and bacteria buildup. Most blackheads go away naturally because of our skin’s frequent exfoliation. But some of them are stubborn. So make sure you remove them periodically. Take professional help for blackhead removal if required.


We know that blackheads are irritating. So your desire to get rid of them as quickly as possible is justified. But you should be careful enough and not take a wrong step. We have discussed various effective ways of blackhead removal in this article. Select the method that works best for you.

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