DIY Mascara: All you Need to Know About the Trend in Cosmetic Industry

Many girls out there will agree to me that Mascaras have been a soulmate since we learned about it. DIY mascara is the new great thing that has happened in the recent past. DIY mascara is not just pocket friendly; it is safe to use as well. Some of us even feel that DIY mascaras are better than branded ones. Now, we are not kidding. Here is why!

Beauty industry and DIY products

The new wave of making DIY products have changed the scenario a bit. From making DIY shampoos to DIY soaps to make up products, the homemade products are winning the battle. Beauty is a tricky word. It has been exploited by corporate brands to capture the market.

However, now with the emergence of homemade products, the beauty industry is moving towards homemade stuff. That is a big win.

What is in a mascara?

Mascara has a long history of existence. It is not just a makeup product. It dates back to the ancient Egyptian era, where the use of it can be traced first. Though mascara is supposed to be made of oils, waxes, and colors. However, these days, the mascaras that are available in the market are not just that. They have a lot of chemicals added to it.

Though from the look of it, the mascaras do not look harmful. But regular use of it can cause harm to your lashes. The cosmetic industry often evaded regulatory measures. They have been using harsh chemicals in their products.

However, here is a chance to change that, how you ask? By making them at home, as much as you can.

Why do we love DIY mascara?

Homemade mascara is anew thing that many women are trying out these days. It has many reasons to outdo the commercial ones. DIY mascara has come as a boon to women. Let us see how.

Enhances the look

A DIY natural mascara is no way less than the commercial ones you get at the market. The homemade mascara darkens the eyelids. It separates the lashes quite clearly. You can make waterproof mascara as well. It also conditions the lashes.

Pocket friendly

DIY mascara is more pocket friendly. It does not force you to shed a lot of money as the branded ones do. The ingredients needed for making a mascara is also quite easily available.

Natural, no chemicals

The harsh chemical may affect your eyelashes. Natural mascara, made at home can be a savior. Once you start making your mascara at home, there is no looking back. The natural mascara gives your eye a great relief from chemicals and is harmless.

Ingredients used in homemade mascara

It is very easy to make your homemade bottle of mascara. Here are the ingredients that you will need to make a bottle of homemade mascara

Coconut oil – 2 tablespoons
Aloe vera Gel – 4 tablespoons
Beeswax pellet – ½ tablespoon
Activated charcoal – 1-2 capsules
(you can use cocoa powder for brown mascara)
Mascara Container – You can clean and reuse the previous one

How to make the mascara

Follow the steps given below to get your DIY mascara.

Put beeswax pellet, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel on a saucepan. Stir until the beeswax is melted.
Put the activated charcoal capsule as per requirement.
Stir until they mix properly
Pour them into the jar
Hurray, the DIY natural mascara is ready to use.

Why do we need to get rid of commercial mascara?

By now, we all are trying to as fewer chemicals as possible in our beauty products. Makeup requires you to make peace with a lot of chemicals. A bottle of mascara may contain many harsh chemicals like Methylparaben, Aluminium powder, Ceteareth-20, Butylparaben, Benzyl Alcohol, and many such. You should straightaway avoid them.

DIY mascara, on the other hand, is strictly natural and does not expose your eyes to harsh chemicals. They are made of bee wax, oil or gel, and pigmentation. This conditions the lashes unline the chemical ones.


Mascara is one of those products which are used by women daily. It stays on your lashes throughout the day. A natural mascara, on the other hand, nourishes your lashes instead of harming them. You can make DIY waterproof mascara. You can change the pigmentation to get different colors. No matter what, a homemade mascara will be a winner at any given point in time.

DIY mascara is the thing now. It is about time you try making your own.

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