Planning an NYC fashion group tour

New York is the ‘it’ place for shopaholics and fashionistas. If you are a true blue fashion lover and planning to go out on a group fashion tour with your favourite coterie of friends, do make your way to New York City. Boasting some of the finest world-class couture around, New York is the perfect weekend destination for a girl’s getaway. So, book a New York tour bus or minibus rental right now and hit the road to NYC for a splendid and fulfilling fashion tour. Here are some of the fashion hot spots which you should never miss out on when in NYC.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute:

You can never give this place a miss if you are a fashion buff. This institute has a collection of more than 80,000 costumes, ranging from an intricately designed 1927 House of Chanel coat to Miguel Adrover’s dress I Love New York (2000). This is just an example. It has some of the choicest costumes from five continents. Founded in the year 1937, this institution is one of the coveted places of New York.

Prada flagship store:

Now, you might not be able to afford a Prada, but you can definitely go to the Prada flagship store to take a look at the fashion haven. With sliding glass doors, and an uber-cool architecture which includes a giant zebrawood wave, and a rotating stage, it’s one of a kind. Opened in the year 2001, this continues to be a must-visit destination for a lot of people, especially for the ones who are crazy about fashion.

Garment center:

Garment center has been thronged by people and fashion lovers ever since 1930. This place is no less than a potpourri. From factories to fashion outlets, from designer showrooms to wholesale stores, garment center has anything and everything under the sun which would interest a fashion freak. Also it has got stores with world class accessories, so if you are one of those who loves hoarding accessories, you should definitely visit garment center without fail.

New and Almost New:

If you are one of those who doesn’t really follow the trend but still likes to look classy and chic, you should definitely make your way to this store. This place stores a variety of items which are not in trend but look classy and casual at the same time. Also, what makes this store all the more special is the economical pricing of the items. It’s pretty affordable. Owned by Maggie Chan, this store also offers a sale. So make sure you do not miss out on the sale. New and Almost New’s sales are pretty titillating for a shopaholic.

Bar 89:

Shopping without fun becomes really bland isn’t it? Well, do not worry, after you are done strolling down the aforementioned stores, do make your way to Bar 89. This place is quite famous among models. Its SoHo’s one of the most sought after bar and bistro. It’s known for its eclectic decor, food and cocktails which are to die for. So, after a tiring day in NYC, you can just sip on a couple of cocktails while you get to gawk at its beautiful decor and a crowd whose fashion game is on point. Plus, the kitchen is ope till 1 am. There’s no hurry, take your time and make your way to Bar 89.

Now, that you are aware of some of the fashion hot spots, pack your bags as soon as possible and paint the town red with your group. NYC is the best place for a group fashion tour. Period.

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