Things to do when you are in your prime!

Once we grow up from our childhood and step into the world of fierce competition and survival, time indeed passé by very quick. And before we can realize, we’ll be growing gray hairs and all our pipe dreams are down the drain. However life is not supposed to be like this. The age between 20 to 30 is when your body is most able and your mind is active and mature enough. Here is a list of things you should be looking forward to cross off your to-do list as “done”.

The Dream job: The word “job” oftenportrays a negative “stuffed in congested office with a short-tempered boss” meaning. However, this is not supposed to be the case if you can find a job which enables you to do what you like to do. You also have the opportunity and freedom to go for higher studies and completely take a different path to your career.

Volunteering: Many don’t realize the confidence and self-worth that is instilled among us when we engage in volunteering for a successful cause. It is not tedious and compulsory that the stereotype suggests. This is the best time to volunteer for a cause without thinking too much about a huge family with a bunch of kids.

Travel a Lot: The United States of America features some breathtaking terrain and landscape and equally diverse people and wildlife. So go ahead, hit the road and know all the states and what have they to offer. If you are a resident of some other country, try the same and explore! Give travelling alone to place unexplored a try as well. It is both a challenge and a learning opportunity for you.

Get a Passport: A very important document specially if you will end up being a frequent flier. It will save you from lot of harassment and is an absolute must in most cases.

Fall in Love: It is the single most beautiful feeling to fall in love. So go ahead, fall in love and maybe you will find your partner with whom you can spend the rest of your lives!  

Your own Home: Having your home before 30 tells a lot about your accomplishments and how focused you are. It will increase your self-esteem and will reduce your worries for the future.

Know your Family: Get to know about your family genealogy and all your relatives. While yes, you might come across unpleasant personalities, it will be worth knowing. Invite over, arrange a gathering and create family traditions!

Something Different: Take some ‘How to” classes in order to know more about things you never gave a thought or were too trivial. Write a book maybe if possible – you have more time than you will after 30! Or maybe get a tattoo or even meet new personalities.

Eat, eat and eat: Your body can take the most amount of junk as well than in 40s but this is also a perfect time to shape up your figure – go healthy! And once in a while, go exotic or junk to augment it.

The list does not end here. There are loads of other things to do. 20-30 is indeed the epitome of your life and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest!

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