10 Biggest Beauty Trends to Follow in 2017

The current beauty trends are more about allowing one to just be. Letting the individuality shine through is more the focus, and this is certainly a refreshing change in the fashion world. Here are some biggest beauty trends that are being carried forward from last year and look set to stay here in the New Year as well.

1.Rainbow hair

Whether you like it or not, rainbow hair is quite the rage with youngsters. From fashion shows to Instagram posts, it is everywhere and the trend seems to be only getting more popular with every passing day.

2.Glitter roots

This is another of the biggest beauty trends born on the internet and being replicated all over the world. It’s pretty easy to sport. All you have to do is part your hair, spread some gel and glitter, and you are set to flaunt a pretty divide.

3.Matte lipstick

Goodbye juicy lips! The hottest trend in lip color now is matte. Perfect for day and night, you can go matte with any hue that you fancy. The matte look can be surprisingly versatile and goes great with every skin tone

4.Scarves and wraps

This one is for girls with less time. Scarves and wraps are back in fashion and are set to be one of the biggest beauty trends this year. Camouflage your bad hair day with a stylish scarf, and you go from drab to fab in a jiffy!

5.Braided top knots

Braids are still doing the rounds; only that they are being reinvented in a million different styles. All you need to do is visit the internet and see some DIY videos to sport a new style every time you step out!

6.No tweeze eyebrows

Bushy brows have not only grown to be accepted, but coveted as well. This year, it is time to ditch the tweezers and enjoy your full brows.

7.Bold eyeliners

When it comes to lining your eyes, things have now gone out of the lines. Play up the corners of your eyes; extend the liner way beyond the sides to add some more drama to your look.

8.Lined lips

No matter what look you sport on your lips, you wouldn’t want to forget the lip liner this season. Lip liners are back and are the perfect way to add sheen and volume to a pair of lips. And obviously it’s a great way to ensure that your lip color lasts a long time.

9.Nail art

Splash vibrant colors and designs on your nails to make a statement. No matter what hues you like, there’s a nail color and nail art for you to flaunt.

10.Faux freckles

Yes, it’s time to celebrate those spots! Freckles are one of the biggest beauty trends and it is time to show them off with aplomb. If you are not blessed with these beauty marks, all you need to do is dot your face with a brown eye pencil to achieve the look.

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