10 Gardening Ideas to Maximize your Outdoor Space

Think you can’t do much with a petite patch of green in your backyard? Think again! You can still create a stunning outdoor space. Read on to know some clever gardening ideas that will transform your backyard into a beautiful place to relax and enjoy.

1. Use lot of pots

Put oversized plastic or terracotta planters in your garden and have them overflowing with herbs, flowers and plants.

The best part is that you can change your pots whenever you want and move them around easily. This is especially useful in a small space where you can change your garden design without much hassle. Containers and pots help keep things flexible and make your garden easier to maintain.

2. Vertical herb garden

Urban gardens need careful planning if you are looking to maximize your small space. Instead of going horizontal, plant vertically. You can use a wood trellis, pot hangers and tin cans for the purpose.

3. Faux-grass rug

A faux-grass rug creates the illusion of a luscious green lawn and makes your patio space look larger than it actually is. These also make for ideal flooring solution for a low-maintenance garden. It’s one of the practical gardening ideas as well since cleaning it is easy and it creates a cozy setting.

4. Add some mirrors

While you can do nothing about the size of your backyard, you can definitely make it appear bigger by using mirrors. Hang some vintage mirrors on the fence and let them reflect the surrounding greenery.

5. Mason jars

Use mason jars to plant a herb garden. You can even consider displaying them inside your kitchen.

6. Hanging garden

One of the best gardening ideas to include more greenery in a small space is to hang your plants in tiered baskets. Remember to add lots of colors – Brightly colored flowers, plants and features can make your space look bigger and lighter.

7. Consider the seasons

As you are decorating your garden, think of how it will look during all the four seasons. Some gardens look stunning in spring, but come fall, and they fade. Use annuals and perennials that will add color to the winter months.

8. Use height

The sides of the fence, walls, garages – it’s all adequate space to use. Just as we use the walls inside our house for mirrors, pictures and wall art, you can do the same thing with your garden. Plant trailers and creepers that will adorn these high spaces; this will also draw the attention of the onlookers upwards making the small space appear larger.

9. Add trees

Another one of the top gardening ideas of the experts is to have some large trees in your garden. These trees will offer privacy and good height. You can use canopy trees that will create a leafy roof without taking up any space on the ground.

10. Foldable furniture

You have to be clever with the furniture you use. The best way to go is to buy chairs and table that can be folded and kept away. This will help get rid of any clutter.

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