20 Affordable Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving

So you wish to give some gifts to people around you, but you are on a budget. Here are some affordable gifts that you can give without paying an arm and a leg. Whether you are buying for your spouse, or sibling, or your best friend, these gifts are sure to bring a smile on their faces.

1. A bottle of wine –

You can never go wrong with a bottle of classic Chardonnay or Pint Noir. You can consider adding some wine related gifts too such as an attractive wine stopper, an aerator, a serving dish or a set of coasters to it.

2. Personalised candles –

While it may come across as a generic gift, if you choose carefully, you can find beautiful candles that will add immensely to someone’s home decor. If you are the crafty type, you can also consider making handcrafted candles.

3. Bath and beauty products –

While these can be pretty risky gifts to give unless you know the receiver well, they can still make for delightful presents. You can enquire about the most popular beauty products at the local beauty store such as fragrant handmade soaps or handmade hair masks or face masks, and choose one to give.

4. Gourmet gifts –

For people who love spending time in the kitchen, gourmet kitchen gifts can be a great choice. For someone who is an avid baker, you can consider gifting gourmet sprinkles or cookie cutters. There are choices aplenty when it comes to food gifts.

5. A box of treats –

Delight friends and family with an assortment of yummy treats for the entire family. Nothing better to spread cheer than a packet of mouth-watering goodies!

6. Blanket scarf –

Blanket scarves are stylish, practical and can make for delightful gift items. They can be worn in a host of different ways and can add fun to any outfit.

7. Jewellery –

You can get trendy great jewellery pieces at very affordable prices. It’s always a winner when it comes to gift giving.

8. CC beanies –

Beanies are always in style and you can never go wrong with gifting one. They are available in a multitude of colours and make for great affordable gift items.

9. Suede hats –

Beautiful hats are quite the rage. Stylish and chic, they go great with just about any outfit.

10. Wallets & bags –

Trendy wallets and bags are available a dime a dozen. It’s never difficult to buy one that is well designed and has plenty of room for cash, cards, photos and other essentials.

11. Mason jars –

They have uses aplenty and your hostess will certainly appreciate them.

12. Cocktail recipe book –

While many people may have cookbooks, very few people would have collections of cocktail recipe books. This can make for one of the most fun and affordable gifts.

13. A potted plant –

Small potted plants make for delightful, yet affordable gifts that are meant to last.

14. A bottle of olive oil –

Choose a high quality, attractively packaged olive oil to go with your desserts and salads. Your host will remember you every time he or she uses it.

15. Drink stirrers –

Fun and practical, differently themed stirrers will help get the party started apart from also helping your guests identify their drinks.

16. City tea towels –

Tea towels always come handy. Choose from a wide range of attractive designs. Tea towels are a great way to add some flair to your dining setting.

17. Storage bowls –

Often, buying plates or glasses may seem tough if you are not sure what the receiver already has at home, but you can never go wrong with all-purpose storage containers.

18. Cheese board –

Almost everyone loves cheese, so why not gift your host a cheese board? It makes for one of the most practical yet affordable gifts.

19. Candy kit bottles –

Offer the perfect amount of candy for your hosts to break into when they get some sweet cravings.

20. Planner –

A good planner is always appreciated. Find a trendy, organized planner that will easily slip into a laptop bag – easily one of the best affordable gifts to give.

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