5 Keys to the Perfect Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter skin care may seem complicated, because perhaps you’re using the exact same products you used during the warmer months, yet not enjoying the same results.

Don’t be discouraged, it’s a simpler fix than you realize!

There’s more at work than just the products you use. The dry air in your home and outdoors, the sugary lattes you seem to inhale, all of these contribute to dry, parched and unhappy skin.

The good news is that we’re here to share 5 tips with you that will make your winter skin care regime a breeze and you’ll soon feel confident in your skin once more!

Ditch the hot water

Hot water strips your skin of beneficial oils, end of story.

Show your skin you really do care by turning the water to lukewarm and just notice how much healthier it looks within just a few days!

Start hydrating in the shower: 100% Pure – Natural Soap

Ditch those drying, conventional soap bars that strip your skin and leave it at risk for damage and invest in a handmade organic soap bar formulated with luxurious oils and butters, along with antioxidants to coat your skin in an all day veil of indulgent hydration, while keeping your skin protected against the elements all day long!

The gorgeous soap bars from 100% Pure are formulated with rich, creamy shea butter and silky coconut oil and come in an array of decadent scents that may take you a while to decide on! You may just buy them all!

Apply your oils to damp skin

Too often we see people applying their oils to dry skin and we can’t help but cringe.

To really get the most out of your facial oils, be sure to apply to damp skin for optimal absorption and tap (never rub) the product into your skin to help it sink deep into your pores to deliver its active ingredients.

Carry a toning mist in your handbag: Herbivore Botanicals – Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

Who says a toning mist is only good after a cleanse?

If you want to ensure your skin is always one spritz away from a dose of hydration then try carrying this beautiful mist in your handbag, and spray whenever you need to refresh, yes, even over your makeup!

Invest in a humidifier

This may not be a skin care step, but a humidifier can completely transform your skin!

Humidifiers help to put the humidity back in the air, which means less itchiness, less irritation and most importantly, no more dull skin!

These are our top winter skin care tips, but we also encourage you to make sure you are eating a diet filled with hydrating fruits and veggies and keeping the sugar at a minimum, because sugar can sap water out of the skin cells.

Good skin comes down to a good inside-out routine and by following our tips you’ll be well on your way to happy, hydrated skin!

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