5 Stunning Handmade Christmas Gifts Ideas

When we talk about the greatest Christmas gifts, it is handmade gift that is loved by everyone. These kinds of gifts generate a special feeling of love as well as care for one another. Handmade gifts can make the individual think of time that has been spent to make that gift for him or her. I have given a description of a few such gifts here.


A handmade flower is really a versatile gift to anyone. I have used a cheap cloth piece to make something new from it. One can use the flower as a kind of hair accessories. For example to make these flowers one has to take only a needle, identical embroidery thread and also some beads to decorate. A spiral shaped flower design or a pattern having flower petals can be made with these components.

Gifts for baby- 

Christmas time is something more special to the little children. Every child is found to be very excited for wrapping gifts and after getting the first one he or she would play happily with it all the day. For a bit older baby or a tot, an attractive magnetic fishing game can be perfect. A handmade tutu can also be made with the help of a ring of elastic and bands of tulle. A superb but simple homemade toddler gift will surely be loved by little Princesses.


It is the best brownies recipe to offer anyone as a gift. It creates wonderfully rich as well as chocolaty brownies. To make this recipe, I have arranged for 20 gram flour, cocoa powder- 30 gram, sugar- 250 grams (white or brown) and 125 grams of chocolates that are cut into pieces. I usually spread the sugar along with cocoa into different layers in order that there will be more layers. I then put all of the chocolates at the upper part of the jar. Because it is stocky, the finer elements will trickle through if I keep it further down and this will not appear as pretty. Then a paper for label is to be attached with a theme of Christmas.

Date Night Cookies- 

When I want to find a romantic gift for Christmas, the handmade set of romantic dates is my first choice. Date nights never have to be intricate or costly. The date slides in the cookies may be modified so that one may turn up with dates that fit one’s relationship and also budget. The cookie style can be printable with some template written on it. I have used a scrapbooking paper in this context.


I have knitted a set of cheap but beautiful cloth napkins as a special gift by putting some personal touches on them. One can attach a monogram to all of the napkins with cross-stitch design, embroidery, needlework, or decorate with badges, appliqués, or models. After laying out the pattern on the napkin, I arrange the buttons and sew it. For leaf like design, satin stitch is perfect and it should be done across the width portion of the leaf.

These are all amazingly touching gifts to offers any one and these will obviously serve as the best memories in the future.

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