7 Essentials Checklist Before you Travel in Your New Motorhome

Packing the necessary items for a road trip with your new motorhome is pretty intimidating as you seem quite baffled at what to pack and what not to! This essential checklist for motorhome consists of various items, which you might not naturally ponder but will ease your life after you hit the busy road.

You might think of a long and comprehensive list whenever you embark on the road on your new motorhome. But the checklist is pretty simple, and these 7 essential checklists make your travel so much fun if it’s your first motorhome trip or if you have travelled before. Let’s get started!

1. Locks

In order to keep your belongings safe from thieves, you have to keep them locked. As you are ultra-security conscious, you must also take care of the travel equipment and lock it in a safe area. Similarly, you need motorhome insurance to protect your important stuff and get any accidental coverage before starting your motorhome journey out!

2. Clothesline

You might get a bit spoilt with your motorhome hire company, which offers pegs and a clothesline. Although you have become acquainted with taking your pegless lines, it would be amazing to use inside the motorhome to hang up some lightweight clothing and tea towels.

3. Don’t forget the power

To dive into the swanky glamping bonanza on the continent, you might have packed all your appliances. So, you have packed your laptop, phones, blender, and other necessary stuff! Nowadays, all motorhomes have power sockets due to the technology advancement.

But you might need an EU socket to charge something. Hence, it’s an essential item that you should bring while travelling in a motorhome.

4. Kitchen utensils

As motorhome trips are more like camping trips, you must not forget packing pans, cutlery, mugs, glasses, stove kettles, and other cooking essentials for a hassle-free road trip. Holidays on the road are ideal for bringing out and utilising all the major to minor survival gadgets you have assembled over the years.

5. First-aid Kit

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first-time road trip or you have travelled many times with your motorhome! A first-aid kit is always essential to pack beforehand you set out for an expedition especially if you are planning on wild camping.

6. Sanitiser and wet tissues

Carrying sanitiser, wet wipes, and face masks have become necessities in this current global environment! You must pack quality sanitisers and disinfectant wipes for storing these in the bathroom and handbag too.

7. Hanging toiletry bag

It would always be better to take a waterproof and large-sized hanging toiletry bag to fit in the basics, such as shampoo, body wash, razor, or others. But the rest of the toiletries will remain in the loo onboard.

As mentioned earlier, all these 7 essential motorhome packing lists are hassle-free to carry with you. While keeping things in mind, your road trip will never be ruined and always be comfortable! So, hopefully, after reading this, you will remember these handy checklists. Once you are done with packing, crosscheck everything properly so that you don’t miss anything!

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