9 Best Fitness Trackers to Check out this Year

With many problems faced by the human race, fitness is one of the major ones. Tracking your move and setting daily goals to meet the fitness level is also damn easy now. You just need the magic band on your wrist. That’s it. A fitness tracker does all the hard work of computing your daily fitness tracking. If you are looking for the best fitness tracker, there is some bad news for you.

The market is filled with many fitness trackers. However, picking the best fitness tracker can be a big task. All the big and small companies have started producing a fitness tracker, to enter the million-dollar market. But how would a consumer know, which is right and which is not? Here we are with all the answers of how to pick your best fitness tracker.

What is a fitness tracker?

A fitness tracker, also known as an activity tracker, is the device that lets you have complete knowledge of your daily activities. It monitors all the metrics of fitness. Not just that, it counts your daily step, calorie consumption, and burning. Some of them even keep a close track of your heartbeat.

How to make the right choice?

Amidst all the fitness trackers advertising all over the internet, it is very hard to pick the right one for yourself. However, the definition of the best fitness tracker varies from one person to another. Someone who is a swimmer, they will be needing a water-resistant fitness tracker. For sportsmen, there are several advanced fitness trackers. Pick the best fitness tracker that suits you the most.

List of best fitness trackers in the market

Enter any online shopping site and search for the fitness tracker. You will be surprised by the number of items that would show up. It is a tiring process of choosing the best fitness tracker. We have done half of your job by shortlisting some of the best fitness band.

Fitbit charge 4

Fitbit is one of the pioneers in manufacturing fitness trackers. Fitbit Charge 4 comes with a built-in GPS. It tracks the oxygen level in blood. IT comes with 7-day long battery life. You can easily check your notifications and control the Spotify functioning. There are many smartwatches doing rounds. But if you consider the sensor, features, and data, Fitbit Charge 4 is the best fitness watch available right now.

Pocket pinch – $149.95

Fitbit Inspire HR

The slim Fitbit smartwatch is the best fitness tracker watch when it comes to monitoring your sleep. You can easily replace the bands with third party Fitbit Inspire bands. It has a basic screen with time and tracks your goal at the same time. It can easily connect to GPS and can automatically detect the daily exercise. It supports Android and iOS.

Pocket Pinch – $99.99

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly smartwatch Xiaomi is the perfect choice for you. Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 is the best budget fitness tracker, that you can get below $50. It is a waterproof band that can track your water time and other metrics while swimming. There are different types of sports profiles to choose from. More than 10 sport profiles are there. It tracks your number of steps. The advanced REM tracking measures your sleep. The slim look is an add on nice thing about Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Pocket Pinch – $44.99

Garmin Vivosmart 4

This is the best activity tracker for those who are regulars in the gym. It has a slim and sleek look. It can track your heart rate. Vivosmart 4 can do the rep counting for your gym exercises. The automatic exercise detection helps you to track even if you forget to start it manually. There is no GPS support. That is a bit of a problem with this amazing fitness watch. But as one of the basic fitness watches, it has come a long way. It is user-friendly and has a market of its own.

Pocket pinch – $89.99

Whoop Strap

It is the most stylish fitness watch that you will see in the market. However, you will have to pay a whooping subscription fee of $30 per month. Compared to other fitness watches it becomes a bit pricey. However, it works perfectly well with iOS. It has all other basic smartwatch features. It also measures HRV and ambient temperature and is regarded as the best fitness tracker by many users.

Pocket Pinch – $30 per month (minimum subscription of six months)

Samsung Galaxy Fit

This is the best fitness watch for swimmers. The 0.97 AMOLED touchscreen display. It monitors heart rate, sleep, and steps taken. It is compatible with Android and iOS. It displays notifications on the screen. It also performs all the basic tasks of a fitness watch. However, you cannot connect the device to any music player or online streaming apps.

Pocket Pinch – $99.99

Amazefit GTS

Amazefit is a stylish fitness watch. It comes with a 1.65 inch AMOLED screen. The resolution of the screen is 348×442 with 341ppi. It has access to GPS and performs all the usual tasks of a fitness tracker. You can consider it to be the best fitness tracker. It has an amazing battery life and it is waterproof as well.

Pocket Pinch – $149.99

Withing Steel HR Sport

Withing has the best fitness tracker for the hardcore swimmer or runner. It detects the exercise session automatically. The Withing Steel HR Sport monitors the heart’s activity continuously. One full charge can continue until 25 days. It is very useful for sportsmen. Because it is waterproof, swimmers can consider using this one. IT supports both iOS and Android connectivity.

Pocket Pinch – $199.99

The list of nine best fitness tracker is here. Now, all you need to do is, understand your purpose and select one from the list. It is always better to choose from nine products than to be bombarded with hundreds of brands.

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