Bracelets to Enhance your Beauty

Planning to gift your friend on birthday party? Bracelet, one of the most popular jewellery accessory. It is a loop of material, such as chain or band done on purpose to wear around the wrist. It differs dramatically in qualities, styles, prices and functions. Bracelets can be made from metal, leather,cloth, plastic or other materials and sometimes contain jewels, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, metal or plastic hoops, pearls and many more materials.

Bangle bracelets: 

Bangle bracelets are the most traditional accessory in many parts of the world and this bracelet is the simplest way to make. Most of the bangle bracelets are made of valuable and costliest metals or glass. This is usually no buckle or flexible stretching pieces. It just slipped over the hands and worn loosely around the wrist. This bangle type varies in width from very thinner to very thicker. Folks worn many bangles together so that it dances and makes diplomatic sounds according to the arm movement and it is usual for kids on their hands and ankles.

Charm bracelet: 

Charm bracelet carries personal attractions like decorative pendants and trinkets that indicate as important thing in wearer life. Indian charm bracelets became more trendy nowadays. Each and every charms have special and personally noted. This bracelet makes an extraordinary gift or momento, giving in a traditional way to remember the events and meaningful things. The charm bracelets can be made from gold, silver, bone, glass, diamonds or other valuable stones.

Sports bracelets: 

To prepare sports bracelet, colored silicone rubber is used. Sports bracelets was popularized by Nike and Lance Armstrong through yellow colored livestrong wristbands. Tennis bracelet is flexible wrist band with buckle or clasp made of two rows of of diamonds or crystals in symmetrical gold, sterling or platinum loops. Based on the size and quality of stones, A diamond tennis bracelet can sell from one hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. Theirs success led silicone bracelet very high cost implement for several awareness and charity campaigns.

Chain bracelets: 

Chain bracelets are the very simple and it will increase almost all types of outfit with its stylish simplicity. These bracelets consists of a string of chain links that hangs finely from the wrist and it is closed with a spring ring clasp. Many types of chain bracelets available depending on its size and shape of the links attached on it.

Metals used: 

The most and first-class bracelets are usually made only from precious metals. Whether you select simple chained or gold and platinum or any metals you choose will gives you an elegance look. Give attention to colors whenever you are planning to buy a bracelet because colors attract people easily . Yellow gold, white or rose gold, silver and platinum are the most commonly used.

Remember that, bracelets come in various lengths, to buy right choice then choose 7” always so that we can add or remove the links according to size. Planning to buy for daily wear? Then you should choose the bracelets made from high-quality materials with long durable settings. Metal chains or band type bracelets are most preferable for daily use and those who works more with their hands. For sensitive people, the silver or platinum bracelets is the good choice and it will be safer for those who prone to allergies.

Bracelets are the versatile gift for both men and women at any kind of age. Enjoy the parties by gifting bracelets.

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