How To Buy For The Gear Lover On Your List

Whether you’re shopping for an upcoming birthday, getting a leg up on the holidays, or buying a gift to celebrate an anniversary, goods for “gear lovers” can be hard to find! Not that there aren’t many options these days, in fact quite the opposite. Sometimes too much choice in a market produces a conundrum of sorts. With too many options you aren’t able to choose one. Not only does each deal or offer seem better than the next but there are so many variations of each product on the market today. Finding the right gear for the gear lover on your list can be a bit of a chore. Let’s take a look at some ways you can make gear buying and gift giving easy!

Keep in mind there’s all different kinds of gear out there. There’s technological gear that includes hardware, software, tech accessories, and so much more. There’s outdoor activities gear that includes camping supplies, tents, hiking accessories, and even pet gear. Then there’s gear for extreme sports. These are typically for outdoor sports and include gear like bmx bikes, state-of-the-art helmets, and of course the occasional Go-Pro. We’ll be keeping our focus mainly on this third most common type of gear fanatic. The one that doesn’t mind getting their tires dirty going off-roading or the kind that’s not afraid to say yes to adventure. To say yes to life! Those are the kind of gear-heads we’ll be talking about today.

What you need to do is gather information. Be sure to learn up before you buy. Remember this can get overwhelming so try and stick to relevant information from trusted sites only. Take a look at the kind of hobbies that the gear lover on your list already has. See if there’s something they’ve been asking for, or you’ve noticed they need, try and gain information from them without hinting to the fact that you’re buying them a present. This can be tricky but it can be done, get a gear head talking and they may never stop!

Next step is to set a budget or at least a price range. Not all gear is created equal and oftentimes once you select your price range you can also get a better feel for what type of item you’ll be able to buy. Gear accessories and apparel are oftentimes less expensive than some higher priced items like recreational vehicles. If the recipient of your gift is into extreme sports chances are they could use some good apparel. No apparel is more sought after these days than water-sports apparel. The world of water sports, apparel, and extreme sporting gear has combined with the modern world of technology to produce some truly amazing, high quality gear. Including barefoot suits like the one featured in this Barefoot Gear Garage video where Keith St. Onge shows off his awesome gear. As in two-time World Barefoot Champion Keith St. Onge? Yes, that one.

Once you’ve gathered the information needed to make your purchase and you’ve got a set price range that’s really all there is to it! You know what your gift getter wants, the kind of specifications they’re looking for, and the price that you’re able to spend so you are good to go. Enjoy your thank-you card!

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