All You Need to Know About DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup brushes have been our best friends since forever. However, we rarely take care of the awesome brushes that make us look so pretty. Let us admit, this job is big deal. No matter how you wash, the stains seem to have managed their forever spot. The solution available in the market is quite expensive. Here comes the DIY makeup brush cleaner as a savior for many.

DIY brush cleaners are mostly made of household items. You will find most of the items at home either at home or at nearby grocery stores. If you are worried about cleaning the makeup brushes, drop it now. We have answers to all your possible queries here. From homemade makeup brush cleaner recipe to when is it the right time to change them, you ask it, the solution is here.

Many DIY makeup brush cleaner recipes are there on the internet. Pinterest is also full of brush cleaning recipes. The ingredients are easily available and you can make a brush cleaner at home. However here are a few ingredients that might come handy while making a DIY makeup brush cleaner

Must need ingredients for DIY makeup brush cleaner

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a genus of medicinal flowering plants. They are of different varieties and are widely used in homemade brush cleaner recipes. They have many benefits and helps in fixing most of the skin problems. Quite evidently using this in a cleaner will protect you from inflammation or skin irritation.

Dish Soap

Dish Soap is one of the key ingredients for most of the recipes out there DIY makeup brush on Pinterest. Though we are not a fan of dish washes, many use them extensively. If you are sure that your skin will not be bothered by leftover components. Those who have sensitive skin should avoid recipe with dish wash.

Olive Oil

Talk about the best oil for the skin, here it is. The most dependable oil for your skin and hair is Olive Oil. It has become a household name. Did you that it can be very useful for making a DIY makeup brush cleaner? Yes. It can be mixed will other ingredients for the best result.

Baby Shampoo

Probably the easiest and cutest in the ingredient list. Baby Shampoos can be used for cleaning sensitive items. It is mild, hence there is very little chance to affect your skin in any way. It is safe and of course, helps in cleaning.


Vinegar is a savior in all good times and bad times. It kills bacteria very swiftly. However, the after smell can be a bit irritating. But when it comes to DIY makeup brush cleaner, vinegar is an important ingredient in most of the recipes.


Alcohol kills bacteria. After some days of using the brush, it is an inevitable fact that bacterias and microbes are probably laying their nest. A small amount of alcohol in your mixture can do wonders.

How often do you need to clean the makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes may sound pretty. However, it has the potential of becoming a breeding zone of many unwanted bacteria. The idea is the clean the makeup sponges and brushes once every week. However, if you are a professional makeup artist, using the same brush for different customers, you should clean it more often. You can use alcohol wipes or cleaning spray, in that case, to sanitize it after every use. Depending on the usage of the brush, you must decide your cleaning frequency.

When is it a time to replace your brush?

No matter how you clean it with a homemade makeup brush cleaner, you should know when to change your brushes. Honestly, this also depends on the frequency of the use. Some people do not feel like changing at all. But if you are using it regularly, there is a trick to know the right time. If there is a bad smell or if you see them tearing apart, you must replace it soon. No DIY makeup brush cleaner can save your brushes if the foul smell remains for long period.


The only main advantage of DIY brush cleaner is they are made at home. This essentially means a lesser chance of the presence of toxic ingredients. You can try some homemade sprays as well. All these are easy to make. They can be stores for quite some time.

As promised, we have tried to solve the queries. Now it is your time to take the best suitable recipe and switch on the cleaning mode! Happy cleaning.

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