Fight for Equal Care from Parents

As a kid or growing adult, you may have felt your parents are taking care of you and your sibling differently. Though this may feel like depressing, understanding the reason behind it can help to overcome this. We may have upgraded our life with extra-ordinary gadgets which nearly automated our life, but still there are some families with backdated ideas like gender discrimination, gender preference etc. While we think by consulting with parents about your feeling can be a cure for this, on the other hand self-assessment and checking for your misbehave can solve this problem surely. Here we are giving some tips on how to overcome this problem.

Talk to them: If you are feeling that your brother is taken care of differently and you are very sure about it, talking to the parents and asking them can be the best solution. Know the reasons why they are doing it, consciously or unknowingly. This can be a reality check for parents also. Oftentimes, parents become over protective for daughters and this cam lead to a situation where they take extra care of her, which on the other side can cause problem to the daughter. Assure them about your self-defence and tell them to relax.

Seek equal care: Gender preferences can often take a toll on parent’s care in which they tend to take care of your brother forgetting issues about you. We say, let them know that you want equal attention and affection. There is no harm in seeking what you rightfully deserve. If the concerned parents were doing that unknowingly, it will help them to check their behaviour.

Check if there is a reason: There may exist some genuine reason for which your brother is getting more attention and care. May be his medical condition or mental condition requires constant check-up and affection, check for this. If you find it to be the reason, then making yourself a stronger person is the best way to help your brother in your way.

Claim their attention: If you are still sure about you are facing wrong attitude from the parents and genuine care is what you want from them, which you deserve, claim this. There are no legit reasons to show attitude to daughters, but if you think you are doing your bit of household work, let them know that you are not happy being neglected.

Bring down gender discrimination: Unfortunately, if your parents still believes in gender roles, advice them to stop being a sexist and let them know that you are just equal to your brother and prove them wrong. Age preference: Some parents give more freedom to older brothers rather than their daughter. If you are suffocating because of this, it is the time when you build yourself stronger and let them see. Otherwise you will have to wait until your reach your brother’s age.

Parents often treat their son and daughter differently knowingly or just being unconscious about it. Letting them your about your feeling can help them to understand their fault and the problem may vanish as soon as possible.

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