20 Best Free Online Movies Streaming Websites to Look for this Year

If you are a movie buff, you know the pain of not being able to watch new content. Movies are scattered all over the internet. They come from different countries, different genres. The best way to find them is to opt for free online movies streaming.

Most of the free streaming websites are illegal. But, need to admit, they are of great use. Name a movie, and you will find them on at least a few of them. Most of them have HD quality streaming.

There are quite a lot of links out there on the internet. Sadly, you will have a lot to choose from. No wonder, some call it to be one of the most confusing things to do. But we have made your job a bit easier.

Free online movies streaming websites

The following are the top streaming websites’ links that you might want to follow for regular movie dose.


If you are into watching movies online, you probably know about this website already. AZMovies is one of the most popular free online movies streaming websites. It has a fantastic collection of movies. The streaming quality is quite good. It included 1080p and 720p. You can watch any movies available on the website for free. There is no need for any registration. It uses different servers to stream the content. AZMovies have worked a lot in giving a fresh movie watching experience. The advertisement annoyance level has come down drastically.


Gostream is not a pioneer in the field. However, when you want a smooth and free online movies streaming experience, gostream can ensure you one. The high-quality videos are available here. The best part about the website is that they do not show advertisements. The worst thing about them is they do not have any TV shows and many films are also not available.

Solar movie

The solar movie is gaining popularity with its high-quality content. They have a huge collection of content. Though new, the website is quite organized. It offers a great experience to those who are dependent on free online movies streaming. The content is categorized on the basis of genre, country. It also includes the IMDB rating.


Quite a new kid in the block, Tubi has created an audience of its own. It has gained quite a good amount of popularity in a short period of time. Though dependent on the advertisement, Tubi scaled up the experience with its app. It is available in Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, and even Apple App Store. If you want to catch up with free online movies streaming on the go, here you go!

123 Movies

Like an old pillar, 123movies have been doing around since the birth of online movie streaming. It is one of the most popular websites to watch movies online. The content bank is incomparable. Since they all run illegally, you may have to look for the link with an interval of time. However, they are pretty fast in resettling the broken links. If you are a movie buff, here is the haven for you. Free online movies streaming will get a new meaning altogether.


The content library on point, this stylish new website has been able to catch the pulse of its audience at once. The website is new and the advertisement frequency is also much lower. The website is not known to many as of now. But we think it is going to find its way to mass very soon.

Peacock TV

This one is under the NBC network. It was launched on July 15th this year amidst the pandemic. The main intent behind launching this is to provide a smooth online streaming experience for the viewers. They also have an app version. You can download it easily to watch online content on the go. You can also enjoy the same on Fire TV. They do have ads playing at times. But it is not that annoying.


The free online movies streaming website, Streamm4u is quite a treat for the movie buffs. They have an amazing filter process. You can have access to a thousand good movies. It is hassle-free and extremely user-friendly. Once it is played, the buffer time is extremely minimal. It is one of the best websites to watch content for free.


Previously known as scr.cr, Vidcloud offers 1080p links. The best part of the website is that it does not force you to click on random ad links. Click on the title to play your best movies or TV series. The interface is brilliant with smooth user experience. Vidcloud gets good points for seamless service.


Wondering where to find great stuff to watch? Here is your answer. The look is simple and does not force you to go through a complicated process. You can select your content from different categories. You can also pick content from different countries. It is one of the best websites for free online movies streaming. Many links are available in HD format.


Vudu is a streaming service providing online video on demand. It provided both free and paid content. Some of the contents are free and can be watched without paying a penny. However, some of the contents will cost you a few bucks. It asks for an account even for watching free content.


More than a streaming website, Yidli is actually a search engine like Google. They provide content from different websites. It is a new website. You will have to sign up to have access to the website.


Spacemov is another free online movies streaming website. It hosts high definition videos of 1080p quality. The best feature of these websites is the option of watching the film trailer. This lets the viewer quickly and easily decide on what to watch and what not to.


Are you a torrent fan? Here is some good news for you all? Streamio is not a website technically. It is an extension like that we get in Chrome. Gone are the days of downloading torrent links. Here you can watch the entire content without even downloading the torrent links.


Flixitor has banged the game with its sleek appearance. They have the best user-interface when compared to other websites. It functions very smoothly with a smaller number of ads. You can sort the movies peacefully and start watching them on different devices.


Sony’s online streaming service Crackle is making a lot of noise among the movie buffs. It has a huge bank of content. From Tv shows to movies, you get everything under one roof. Crackle can be installed on several devices. It is user friendly and gets installed on different devices very easily.

Yes! Movies

Yes! This is the one you have been looking for! Yes! Movies have been a hot cake for most of the movie buffs. The older version was not at good looking as the new one. It enables a smooth sorting feature. The newest movie shows are constantly updated over here.


This is one of the best free online movies streaming websites that probably all have used at some point or the other. It has more than 1000 movies in family, crimes, documentary, and what not! Popcornflix is one of the best websites to rely on.

Advantages of free online movies streaming websites

You may like, or you may not, but the streaming platforms are perfect for pocket-friendly money-saving movie watch. There are many advantages of online movie streaming websites. Here are a few of them for you

Great content

The content section of all the platforms is indeed the major plus point. If you are looking for a content particularly form a country or genre you will be able to find them on most of the websites

Pocket friendly

Paying for what you want to watch is not always possible for many. Free online movies stream is one of the best ways to save those bucks in your pocket. Why waste the money of subscriptions, when you can get it all for free?

Hidden Gems

It is more likely to spot hidden gems on free online movies streaming. Why? Because of their vast bank of content. They keep many unknown films as well. Some of them are amazing. If you get hold of one such, watch it for sure.

Quality Video

There was a time when these websites were not at all dependable with the video quality. As we can see, most of the scenario has changed. 1080p and 720p are there almost everywhere.

Disadvantages of Free online streaming

Illegal content

The content they provide in most of the free online movies streaming platforms is illegal. They acquire the content illegally. They do not pay for the rights.

Annoyance of ads

You would not want to be interrupted by any annoying ads. But in most of the websites, they have plenty of ads coming and running. Some of the ads are even harmful to the device being used

Disappearance of websites

This has been quite a normal thing to happen now. Most of the websites, upon coming under the radar of officials are taken down. Each time the websites take their link down, they come up with another link easily.

Frequently asked question

Do we need to give our personal details to watch movies?

Some websites do need personal information. They ask for details. But most of the websites do not ask any questions and provide direct access to the content.

It is illegal to watch movies for free?

The provider is doing an illegal job, you are not. You are watching something that is already there on the internet. You are not committing any crime whatsoever.

Are high-quality videos available on streaming?

Most of the websites provide high-quality HD content. 1080p and 720p videos are available everywhere. So not to worry about it. Phew!

Can it affect the personal computer?

You will have to be very cautious while handling these websites. While the websites are safe, but the ads they pop out are not always very clean. Just do not click on the ads while watching.

Is VPN compulsory?

VPB is not compulsory to watch them. However, upon switching on the VPN, you can have more options than ever.

Can they ask for bank details?

If you are trying to watch after paying the subscription, you will have to provide them with the details. However, otherwise, for free websites, no one should ask for bank details. If in case anyone asks you about bank details, it is advisable to quit the website right away.

How often do they update their bank?

Well, the running online platforms update their content very regularly. Especially for the TV shows, all the latest are uploaded right after airing.

What happens if I click on the advertisement?

Actually nothing. Just close it down immediately. That minimizes the risk a bit, maybe. However, it is advisable to keep an anti-virus running in the device that you will be using for movie marathons.


Movie watching is not a part of planning and leisure anymore. For many, it has become a routine. Free streaming websites have broken the barriers of watching movies. Now almost everyone, with internet connectivity, can watch anything she or he wants. Free online movies stream has changed the meaning of film watching.

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