Top 10 Websites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

If you are a binge-watcher, you would know the urge of finding new TV shows. Thanks to the internet, we have a lot more access to TV shows than ever. There are different kinds of streaming websites out there, where you can watch TV shows online. These websites have revolutionized the experience of watching content.

Some of the websites are paid, while some are free. Each of the websites has an audience of its own. But there are many websites to choose from. It is okay to be confused. However, here we have a list of top websites that can provide you with a perfect experience of binge-watching.

Free Streaming websites

Without wasting any time, let’s get to the list of the best free streaming websites. Before you proceed, let’s be clear on one point. Most of the free streaming websites are illegal and you may face access issues. Never mind, if you face trouble while entering one website, hop on to another one. There are plenty of such websites to continue binge-watching.


Popcornflix is one of the most popular ones on the internet to watch TV shows online. They have a plethora of choices. They have a dedicated TV shows section. You will find almost every known TV shows. Apart from that, there are many other obscure ones as well. You do not need to register or provide any personal details. The content is free and easy to stream.

CMovies HD


No need to download or register, just experience a good series watching session. CMovies is a hassle-free and user-friendly streaming website. You will find all the TV shows over there. The shows come with more than five streaming links. So if one link is broken you can quickly go on to the next one. It comes with a bit of a storyline along with an IMDB rating. Hence, you can look for new TV shows easily.



Vikings, Game of Thrones, Blindspot, The Flash, name one popular TV show, and you will find it in FMovies. They keep updating their website as and when the new episode comes in. It is one of the best websites to watch TV shows online in high definition. Like all other free streaming websites, they have advertisements and pop-ups too. Once you have your ad blocker on, you will not face more than two advertisements.



Cinebloom may scare you with some security check but don’t be. They do a simple ‘I am human’ check, just tick the box and enjoy streaming. They have a signup option, but that is optional. However, one big issue with Cinebloom is that they do not have a filter for TV shows. As a result, you cannot sort them out. Instead, you will have to look for the TV shows in the search box. If you are here to watch TV shows online, you will have to know which one you want to watch. You cannot look for new series over here.

123 Movies


We kind of like this website a lot because of its demarcated sections. They have series in alphabetical order, in order of release as well as by its genre. This is one feature that we find is very useful for those who want to try new and lesser know TV Show gems. 123 movies is a winner in that way.



One of the most popular websites to watch TV shows online, Putlocker has been doing rounds since the very beginning. It has a lesser number of advertisements and pop-ups; hence the streaming experience is going to be amazing over here. They update very frequently, as a result, the chance of missing out of episodes is quite less over here. They have almost all the series and shows available there.



Well, not a frontrunner, but this streaming website will give you a decent experience of watching free TV shows. Even if the content is available, it will be hard for you to find them. Shush can be good for you only when you know what you want to watch. Otherwise, it will be better for you to shift to some other streaming website. The website has a separate section for reality shows



Lookmovie is another popular streaming website, after Putlocker and popcornflix. It is another easy to use the website. If you are a binge-watcher, this streaming website is tailormade for you. They have different categories like Horror, Documentary, Sci-Fi, and others. You can also look for popular videos in the Trending section. You will have to disable adblocker to access Lookmovie, that is the only issue with the website. Else, it is a smooth ride.

Website: is a go-to website for many TV show lovers. It has a great content bank. The alignment and design of the website are also very user-friendly. You will not require any signup or registration to get access to the content. You will just have to go through a simple security test for ensuring you are not a robot. That’s it, you can watch free TV shows comfortably, without burning a hole in the pocket.



We are already placing this one on the top. They do not have pop-up ads, do I need to explain any further why it has been on our top list? Moreover, the content bank is huge. You will get everything under the same umbrella. They do not have a good filtering and sorting system. However, we can live with it, as long as we get to watch TV shows online for free.

Sony Crackle

The only free legal streaming site Sony Crackle. It is one of the best places to find and watch the series and shows. The user interface is totally on point. The shows are segregated based on their genre. You get to watch a lot of anime series over here. You may or may not go for registration, it is not mandatory. Sony crackle is blocked in some of the regions. You may use a VPN to get access to the amazing streaming website.

Advantages of free streaming websites

There has been a constant complaint from the movie buffs and series bingers who want to watch TV shows online. They do not get all the good things under one umbrella. It is true. While some of the series on Netflix is drool-worthy, some of the other great content will be there on some other platforms. That’s where the free streaming websites come as a savior.

Most of the paid streaming websites buy the rights of distribution for good content. It is next to impossible to buy all the great content available out there by one platform. On the other hand, free streaming curates all the good content from different websites and put up on theirs. That is pretty much how you get t watch all the good content over there.

Disadvantages of free streaming websites

They are not legal. The paid streaming websites work legally by acquiring rights. Sometimes they produce their original content. Hence, they have all the legal rights to stream the content on their platform. They charge you for watching the content legally without any worries.

Free streaming websites are illegal. They do not have any legal rights to stream the content. However, you will not be at fault for watching them. You may face some streaming issues. Some of the content or some of the websites have faulty streaming facilities.

One of the worries you may have is virus threat and malware threats. These websites at a time may pop some ads. Their ads are not always very trustworthy. They may affect your system.

Another major issue you may face is that these websites often crash. They are at times taken down due to legal issues. It can happen anytime actually. If it happens in the middle of a watch, then it is sheer bad luck.

Frequently asked question

Do we need to provide personal details?

Not necessarily. Most of the websites do not require registration. You can watch content without registering at all. All you need to od is click on the series you want to watch and you are good to go.

Is it illegal to watch series on free streaming websites?

The providers are doing it illegally, of course. However, consumption of the same is not. It is okay to watch TV shows online for free.

Do we get HD videos?

It depends on the website as well as the content. Some of the websites contain HD quality videos. Some of the contents come in HD quality only. Watch TV shows online free, but HD is not available always.

Does it harm my pc?

The websites will not harm your computer or the device you are watching it on. But you must be extremely careful about the external links. You may come across advertisements that are often popping up or open on clicking the play button. Some of those links can harm your computer. Make sure you have your ad blocker on. Also, do not let it load. Close it down immediately if it opens.

Do they ask for bank details?

They do not and they should not. If any of the websites ask for bank details, do not provide them with it. Remember, they are free, so they will not need them. But some of the websites have limited content for free viewers and require registration. Those websites may ask for bank details. But It advisable to not provide them with any such details unless the website is working legally?

Do these websites update regularly?

All of them do. If you watch TV shows online for free, your worries are gone. These websites update their content regularly. They add new episodes minutes after their arrival.

Do we need VPN to access?

Not really, not all the time. If you are staying in a country where these websites are not allowed, you may have to se a VPN. But it is not at all mandatory.

What is SVOD?

SVOD or subscription video on demand is a useful and traditional way of providing the content. Most of the paid websites do that

Names of Paid websites

There are many paid websites to stream good quality content without any hassle here is the list:

Netflix – We all know about it by now
Prime Videos – They have quality original content, remember Mrs. Maisley. It was rage.
Disney + – What else do I say if you have all the Disney movies at one stop.
Hulu – Again a content king in making. Hulu has gained popularity in recent times.
HBO Max – Game of thrones, enough said.
VRV – Foe all the animation lovers in the world, unite!

Bonus Point


You have come across the torrent, have you ever come across a website that streams torrent? No right? Here you go. Streamio is an add on and a website that can stream torrent. You do not need to download a torrent link and then use it to download the main content. You can always stream it. Watch TV shows online, it has become a cakewalk now.

Here is a bunch of steaming websites to choose from. We have also shared a few anecdotes, our likes and dislikes about these websites. Some of them are amazing, while some can be a headache. But these websites have saved our money and let us watch anything we want. You can give it a try. Now pick one to watch TV shows online for free. Happy binge-watching!

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