Fun Ways to Burn Calories and Enjoy the Outdoors

Summer is the best time of the year once the weather is ideal for outdoor workouts. Exercising outdoors is not only one of the best ways to switch up a bland workout routine, but it can also increase the number of calories burned. Here are a few fun ways to burn calories and enjoy outdoors!


1. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding could be a good way to burn calories and work your upper thighs and core. Really, girls, why not? Paddleboarding isn’t as difficult because it could seem. The best part of this workout is that I don’t even stand up. Yes, you can get this great workout staying on your knees the whole time.

2. Water skiing

The first time I attempted water skiing, it nded with me being dragged behind a ship for about thirty seconds. But, once I got some lessons, water skiing becomes one in every of my favorite workouts! It’s a good arm, core, and thigh workout. Plus, you may get an h good tan after all that time on the water, so make sure you wear enough sunscreen, and don’t forget to reapply it every two hours!

3. Off-road jogging

If you want to maximize your workout, then try off-road jogging. It will keep you on smaller jogging trails, mostly through a wooded area. If this form of jogging is absolutely new to you, you can start out slow on flat trails with intervals of slow-paced jogging and fast-paced walking. If you are experienced outdoor jogger, you can opt for hilly trails.

4. Cross-fit

Cross-fit workout has been gaining in popularity these days. This form of strength training uses gymnastics, extreme weight lifting and aerobic exercises. Completing a cross-fit workout outdoor will certainly kick-up your usual workout routine.

5. Sailing

Going on a sail boat is one of the greatest ways to burn calories and enjoy the outdoors. The best part about it is the serenity that you get while sailing over the water. Sailing will help you burn more than 250 calories per hour without feeling like you’re working out.

6. Rowing

Rowing is an amazing activity that can burn many calories and give a great boost to your upper body workout routine. 30 minutes of rowing will burn more than 250 calories. Don’t fret if you don’t know how to row! Look for some rowing classes in your area that offer beginner courses.

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