Happy Hobbies: Guide to Stress-Free Living

In contemporary times every human undergoes a lot of stress. This sometimes leads to depression and low self-esteem and self-worth. To reduce the chances of this happening to you, you can engage in some surprising hobbies that can help you cope up with regular stress and improve mental health. Now, if baking and coin collecting isn’t your idea of a hobby then take your pick from the list below and get a good idea about the various surprising and exciting hobbies that can make you happier.

  Maintain an Aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium is perhaps one of the happiest of hobbies. There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than watching fish in an aquarium. It also reduces blood pressure and relieves stress. You can also meet other fish enthusiasts and create a wonderful world for your underwater buddies.

  Start your own Journal For the quiet and enjoying their own comfort zone and peaceful time type, writing a journal, diary or a log is the best thing. You can simply jot down your thoughts, what you do every day and what made you happy, something challenging you faced, some place or person you would like to pay a visit.

  Adopt an unusual Pet Adopting pets is not a hobby for everyone, but it will surely make you happy. Pets are known to help relieve stress and even boost up self-esteem. Getting an unusual, exotic and harmless pet will definitely lighten and enliven your life.

  Egg-Shell Carving

One of the hobbies that is sure to make you happier is egg-shell carving. It requires immense concentration power and sheer attention to detail. This in itself will take your mind off your daily worries and the extreme stress you undergo. You also get a huge sense of accomplishment when you finish creating a piece. The icing on the cake is if you can manage to sell your work of art. I am sure that you will jump and scream with joy!

  Candle Making This hobby is for those who don’t mind spending a little more time and money to learn something new and exciting that obviously goes well beyond your average crafting. It’s a pretty elaborate process requiring special knowledge, skill and equipment, but when you finally are done with your creation, the feeling is utterly satisfying.

  Pooktre Art Conceptualized and Developed by Peter Cook, the tree shaping art of Pooktre is considered pretty unique and is very eco-friendly. Living trees and woody plants are used, and their grow this guided along a pathway designed using wires. This creates lovely structural art and looks really beautiful and also makes the environment greener. This process requires a lot of patience as it takes time for the plants to grow, but the end result is incredibly fulfilling. Although some of these hobbies are comparatively more challenging than the rest, they are sure to bring the utmost satisfaction, happiness and sense of fulfillment. So don’t hesitate and get ready to relieve stress by taking up one or more of these hobbies.

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