How to Flatten a Rug – Most Efficient Techniques

Everybody knows what a rug is. In fact, a vast majority of houses have a rug or two that they love to cherish. If you belong to that majority, you might know how rugs can add to the style statement of your house. A stylish rug can make a bland-looking room beautiful in an instant. However, it is also true that most people who own a rug don’t use it that often. One of the foremost reasons for such behavior is that perhaps it is a bit too fancy for them. But there are days when you would want to use your rug and decorate your house. So, you unlatch your closet to bring out your rug. But alas, you have got a big problem now. Your lovely rag has some creases in it. Yes. Creases that make it impossible for you to flatten the rug and place it on the floor properly. So, what should you do now? Well, don’t panic. Here, you will learn how to flatten a rug to give it its past glory back.

How to Flatten a Rug

An all-inclusive guide on how to flatten a rug

Keeping a rug folded in your closet for a long time can create serious kinks on it. Let’s face it. Nobody likes curls in their rug. These kinks or folds are so stubborn that they just won’t go away without putting up a brave fight. Unless you flatten all these nasty folds completely, you will not be able to place the rug on the floor. So, a folded rag is pretty much useless. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to flatten that rag. In fact, there are various effective methods to flatten an area rug. Here we will discuss those methods. Read on to learn how to flatten a rug.

Why do rugs get creases in the first place?

Before we talk about how to flatten a rug, it is important for you to understand why rugs get creases. It’s a known fact that prevention is better than cure. Knowing the reason why rugs develop kinks in them can be beneficial for you. Why? Because it will help you avoid certain practices that contribute to this annoying occurrence.

Let us take a good look:

  • The foremost reason for a rug to develop kinks is to keep it inside a closet for so long. The inside of the closet produces heat. This heat presses the folds of the rug like an iron. So it makes those wrinkles more prominent.
  • Another reason is the wrong floor underneath the rug. In case you didn’t know, rugs are supposed to be placed over hard surfaces. They are not designed for soft surfaces. Thus, if you place your rug over some soft surface, it will develop wrinkles. This chance increases all the more if the rug is flexible and you place some furniture on it.
  • Also, if your carpet or rug is made from poor material, the chance of developing wrinkles increases tenfold. The cheap rugs you can get in today’s market use poor quality latex. As you may know, latex is what holds the rug together. Thus, using cheap latex means decreasing a rug’s shelf life.
  • Bad cleaning can also contribute to the formation of creases on your rug. These cleaning mistakes can form some of the most stubborn kinks ever known to humankind. However, you can fix small wrinkles on a carpet from hanging it while too wet with ironing. But that is if the excessive weight load didn’t damage the structure of the rug. You cannot usually reverse the structural damage to the carpet.
  • Another reason why your area rug has ripples may be shrinking or swelling fibers. Sometimes your rug’s fibers can shrink or swell during a cleanings session. These shrinking or swelling fibers may later form wrinkles. Other times, the fibers can swell or shrink if your rug absorbs too much moisture. This extra moisture can create some nasty curls. If the shrinking amount is not too much, you can stretch the carpet to give it back its original shape. While some swelling fibers fix themselves when they become dry again, some just won’t. They will demand something else from your side to go away completely.

How to get creases out of rags?

Leaving it alone

It might sound like a lazy thing to do, but it is indeed an effective way to remove creases. If your new area rug has ripples, leaving it alone is a good bet. Smooth your rug down as flat as you can and leave it like that for 2-3 days. It will cause the fibers to relax as time passes. And, eventually, the rug will flatten out on its own.

Give it some steam

Give your area rug a little steam to remove its kinks. But you have to remember that this method doesn’t work with all rugs. It relies mainly on the construction of your carpet. It is crucial that you call a professional for this method. It is also crucial to keep in mind your rug’s colorfastness because steaming them can ruin their color.

Stretch your rug

If you’re wondering how to flatten a rug at home, you can try stretching it. Yes. You can ask a carpet dealer in your area to stretch the rug out for you. Stretching your wrinkled rug can release those wrinkles. However, this stretching process can damage your rag if not done properly. So it is essential that you call a professional to do the work.

Use some tape

If your area rug has ripples, using carpet tape is one of the fastest methods available to flatten it. To make this method work, go to your local home improvement store and buy some double-sided carpet tape. When you apply the tape to the backside of your carpet, it will stick to the floor. It will keep your rug in place. This method will not only flatten the rug but also prevent any kink from developing. Just make sure that you smooth the carpet down properly before making the tape stick to the floor.

Use your hairdryer

In case you’re wondering how to flatten a rug using home equipment, grab your hairdryer right now. Gently heat the wrinkled area of the rug from its backside and then release it. Repeat the process a few times to remove all kinks. However, you have to make sure that your hairdryer is at least 6 inches away while doing the job. Otherwise, you would end up melting your rug’s fibers.


How do you flatten a warped rug?

There are multiple ways you can follow if you want to flatten a warped rug. Here we discussed many proven methods to remove creases from a carpet. Opt for the method that works best for you.

How do you flatten a rippled rug?

If your area rug has ripples, don’t panic. Utilize any of the methods mentioned here to flatten a rippled rug effectively.

How do you get a kink out of a rug?

From giving your carpet some steam to heating it with a hairdryer, there are many ways you can follow. The methods mentioned here will remove kinks from your carpet with ease.


In the article, we discussed in detail how to flatten a rug efficiently. But remember that every rug is different. So, please try all the methods one by one and see what works best.

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