Kurta Pajama Design- Evolving Traditional Fashion Trends

The humble kurta pajama has always been a part of Indian culture. If you go back to the texts in ancient history, you will find about it. Many have delved deeper and found portraits showing the same in east India. The portraits dated back to 1015 AD. Images and artifacts from the Gupta dynasty point towards its origins. The kurta pajama design is evolving at a fast speed. The pajama or the salwar is a lower garment that has assumed a lot of importance. You will be amazed to know these facts. It came into being as a direct result of the British Raj in India. The kurta and pajama are genderless. Let us find out more about them.

Decoding The Kurta Pajama Design

Wondering what the kurta is like? It is a long and loose shirt. Sometimes, it falls above the knee, and sometimes below. Earlier, it was worn by men. However, today it has turned unisexual. Moreover, you can team the kurta with a salwar or churidar. Most older men wear it at night for comfort. Today, more and more youngsters are taking this fashion route. It has become a style statement. One of the top trends, is adorning the kurta with a Jawahar or Nehru coat. Both the kurta and pajama have come into the fashionwear segment today.

You should know a few interesting facts about the attire. The sleeves of the kurta do not narrow down at the wrist. Moreover, it does not have cuffs. The traditional kurta also does not have a collar. New-age versions may have them. Today it is popular not only in South Asia but worldwide. People wear it with both lungis, dhotis, pants, jeans.

Pajamas are loose drawstring pants. They have a uniform width throughout. It is very similar to the kurta’s sleeves. The ends are generally not tapered. However, many new designs of traditional pajamas have evolved.

Different Types Of Kurtas

The kurta pajama design has evolved over the centuries. You will find several varieties today.

  • Cotton Kurta – is a very comfortable attire. A kurta and pajama have the power to transform a man. It makes a man look like a gentleman. It is the true sense of the word. One can also club the humble cotton kurta with a salwar.
  • Half-sleeve Kurta – is another deviation from the traditional kurta design. Today, such kurtas are available in various fabrics. The outfit has half sleeves for extra comfort in the sultry summer months.
  • Men’s Asymmetrical Kurta – is also quite a fashion statement today. It is the cowl-hem concept. It adds class to the wearer. A mandarin collar makes it look elegant.
  • Denim Kurta – Today, the denim look is in. The rugged fabric has given a new sense of direction to Indian fashionwear. The kurta features roll-up sleeves, a mandarin collar, and a center button placket.
  • Bandhani Kurta – You can try the desi kurta look. The fabric is dyed using the Bandhani technique. Are you looking for festive wear? Go for the kurta on Navaratri. Red is the dominant color.

Pajamas For Men

Today, cotton pajamas have taken style to new heights. If you are looking for pajamas as loungewear, then go for it. Lounging is the new trend today. Satin as a material has come to occupy a primary position. Broadcloth pajamas are the best in this season. The pants have a waistband that is made from elastic. A no-fly design makes it convenient for men to move around the house. They do not have a side-seam pocket, so you might need to carry a cell phone.

Today, pajamas are considered formal as well as loungewear. That makes it a universal garment. Prints, checks, stripes, and solids are available today. You will find them in kinds of cotton, suedes, denim, satins, as well as silks. The kurta pajama design is doing well today.

Female Fashion Today

Females have embraced the kurta and pajama look. It is one of the most versatile garments today. It has occupied a central position amidst the pandemic. More people are working from home.

The female employees have taken loungewear to an all-new level. Pajamas and kurtas for females are now available in a variety of designs and styles.

You can try out the styles available online. Girls can pair kurtas with ethnic bottoms. It includes salwar, palazzos, cigarette pants, and many more.

Leggings and jeggings are also used today. So, make the most of it. Moreover, you can style a plain kurta with scarves, and other accessories. There are almost fifty types. So, dress well and flaunt it.

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