Top GOT Pop Collection to check out in Popinabox

Funko Pop collections have become quite popular in recent times. This new form of collectibles has its niche fan base. YouTubers who are pop collectors as well have a huge audience. Most of the pops are based on the fictional character, either from a movie or a series or from comics. Popinabox has a huge collection of pops of different genres.

Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, all have their share of pops. Marvel pops are also quite famous. All the marvel fan pop collectors wait to get marvel pops in hand. But you must check out the best ones that you can buy from pop in a box.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription of Popinabox is one of the best things to happen for pop collectors. If you are into the pop collection you will know how exciting it is to wait for the box. Unboxing a box not knowing what is inside is very thrilling. Popinabox has this monthly subscription plan for the collectors. You can choose from pop in a box options based on the number of pops expected per month. The funko mystery box can bring you any of the pops from the preferred genre. That’s the best part of this subscription.

Top GOT collection from Popinabox


There are many funko pop boxes to check out on the website. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, there is a lot for you at Popinabox. Here is the top Game of Thrones pops that we have selected for you based on the popularity of the same.

Daenerys and Jorah on the battlefield

This is one of the costliest pop in Game of Thrones collection. The box has two pops, one of Daenerys Targaryan and another of Ser Jorah. Both were among the leading characters. Daenerys and Jorah had a unique bond throughout the series. The iconic last battle scene has been replicated here through pop. This one is one of the best ones in Popinabox.

Khal, Khaleesi and RhaegalPopinabox

The love between Khal and Khaleesi or Daenerys Targaryan is one of the most celebrated relationships in Game of Thrones series. The mother of the dragon also has Rhaegal one of the dragons alongside. It is like a family pop collection. You must have this in your collection. This is the best one that you can get in a surprise funko pop box from this genre.

King Bran

How is a collection complete without the King of the seven kingdoms? King Bran is one of the must-haves from the Game of Thrones series. Bran Stark has been one of the leading characters of the series. Keeping one of his pop is of great value.

Hodor holding the doorPopinabox

We all cried when Hodor died while holding the door. Another iconic scene replicated on the pop is Hodor trying to save Bran Stark while holding the door. This is one of the premium pops and a keeper in your GOT collection.

Mounted White walker

Every time they walked down, we had a chill down the spine. The series would not have been this popular and interesting without these White Walker on the storyline. A must-have pop is the mounted white walker. Popinabox has other white walker pops as well. But we think this one is the best of the lot.

Jon Snow with Rhaegal

Jon Snow riding a dragon is the proof of his Targaryan share of blood. Popinabox took the iconic scene to make this pop. Jon Snow and Rhaegal pop are not that common. It is one of the dragons riding pop that you must have.

Arya Stark

Game of Thrones collection is incomplete without the girl who has no name. Arya Stark, the bravest woman in the series is an important pop to collect. Don’t miss the younger version.

Knight King and ViserionPopinabox

You have hated him throughout; you could not ignore him. Knight King is the villain whom you love to hate. But given the character, you end up being obsessed with it. If you are doing a collection of Game of Thrones, keep a Knight King with Viserion in the top list. Furthermore, it glows in the dark

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series with millions of fans. Pop collection is becoming such a rage these days. You never know when others start planning Game of Thrones pop. Popinabox has the best-GOT funko pops. Start collecting them now before the items go out of stock.

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