Pursue a Lifestyle, Not a Job

If you are on the lookout for a meaningful career change or wish to convert your passions into your career, here are some steps you can take to pursue a lifestyle, not a job.

Pursue a lifestyle, not a job

Our culture today is such that we are encouraged to pursue a career that offers financial stability and security rather that an opportunity to fulfill our dreams and passions. It is believed that only the lucky few who are born with great wealth or extraordinary talent can find fulfilling work. But it need not be this way. Read on to know how you can pursue a lifestyle, not a job.

Self awareness

Begin by becoming aware of who you are and what your priorities are. A thorough introspection can bring to light many things about your own self. There are also several resources available online that can help you better understand yourself. There are exercises and tests that can make you delve deeper into yourself and be clearer about your purpose.

To start with, you can ask yourself what work you would do if money was not an issue. The answer to the question will offer you valuable insights into what type of work would be most fulfilling for you.

Evaluate your actions

Often, our purpose and passion are just there before us, but it’s so natural to us that we don’t think much about it. Identify the things that you do with ease in your everyday life, chances are those activities in some way are connected to what you are meant to do in this life. Find the things that come naturally to you and build on your strengths to help others in ways you never thought possible. This can help you enormously to pursue a lifestyle, not a job.

pursue a lifestyle, not a job

Find a mentor

We all are here for a reason. No one else has the unique blend of strengths, wisdom, talents, creativity and skills that you have. Each one of us has something great to offer and knowing what makes you unique is crucial to sharing your gift with the world.

If you feel you can do with some help in finding your strengths, identify someone who knows you and can coach you as you uncover your interests and take steps to enter a new field. This person can help you know more about your desired area, help you network and enable you to pursue a lifestyle, not a job.

Embrace uncertainty

There are times when we tell ourselves that we will follow our passion when we have more time, or more money or more experience, but the truth is that the time never comes. If you are looking to pursue a lifestyle, not a job, it is important to identify these excuses as masks for our fears. Its only when we move past our fears that we can begin moving forward.

Most people won’t discover their life’s work right away, but as you begin to engage in what you love, you will find increasing clarity and that can be immensely helpful to find your life purpose.

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