Say No To Plastic – Main Saga of Today’s Life

It is high time that we should say NO to Plastic. And yes, it is necessary to save our environment from further damages. Can you understand why? In this content, we will make you aware of several points. They will make this theory more relevant for you. According to the UNEP leaders, every year, we nearly dispose of around 8 million plastic in the form of garbage. As a result, land and water pollution are taking shape day by day. If we do not stop, the future world is going to be a disaster.

Moreover, we can never put the lives of so many marine creatures in danger. Sadly, so much plastic comes up almost every day on the shores of the oceans. The issue is serious. We must campaign on a large scale to promote the agenda, “Say No To Plastic”. It is the only way to preserve the environment.

What are you still thinking? Be active and start taking the steps for a cleaner and greener Earth.

Some Ways To Say No To Plastic

Beat the plastic pollution today by adopting some effective methods. As you follow it yourself, you take one step forward towards a better tomorrow. Influence others to say no to plastic with the help of a few brilliant ideas. Initially, it will not be a simple affair to make people understand. However, if you can practice it regularly, overcoming the challenge will be possible.

Reuse or Refuse:

It is better if instead of throwing away the plastic bottle, you reuse the same for different purposes. In this way, you can reduce the amount of plastic garbage. Don’t you like the idea? Then refuse the whole thing. During the last few years, this world produced tons of plastic that it has never done before. Either you stop using plastic or repeat the use. As per recent reports, more than 10% of the total wastage comprises only plastic. Isn’t that terrifying?

Buy Glass Bottles:

If you have a water purifier at home, do not buy plastic bottles. However, if it is necessary, then opt for glass containers instead of plastic ones. By taking this small step, you are contributing to the welfare of the environment. Scientists revealed that drinking from glass containers is a healthy habit. On the other top, regular usage of plastic bottles may cause an adverse reaction to our body.

Forgo The Plastic Bags:

After becoming aware of plastic pollution, many countries are going for the “Say no to plastic” campaign. They also started the initiative with the refusal of polythene bags. Instead, they are replacing the same with paper or cotton bags. As you go to the market, make sure to use your cloth bags. Moreover, do not promote the use of plastic in front of children. Remember that the little ones will imitate you in every action.
Recycling or Be Creative: Recycling is one of the easiest ways to get rid of plastic garbage. Moreover, become creative by utilizing the plastic leftovers in some DIY objects.

Apart from the above ways, you can also adopt several other mediums to refuse the use of plastic. You can use fabric napkins that are easy to wash and reuse. So, let us all join hands for a plastic-free environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we say no to plastic?

Plastic contains some harmful materials which are non-renewable. Moreover, it makes the soil toxic as you are throwing it away. It cannot dissolve in water. Thus, it is hampering underwater life also. Hence, it should be a big no to plastic.

How can we avoid plastic?

You can avoid using plastic in several ways. Buy food only in paper containers or boxes. Replace the plastic containers and bags with glassware and cloth or paper. Furthermore, you can also opt for recycling.

What are the harmful effects of plastic?

Just not the environment and marine life, plastic is highly toxic for our body too. Too much exposure to this material can cause several chronic diseases like cancer, deformities from birth, complicated pregnancies, endocrine disruptions.


Say No to Plastic to protect mankind as well as the planet Earth. The invention of plastic was for the ease of work. However, excessive use is now leading to the destruction of nature. Hence, it is high time that you bid goodbye to these harmful objects and make use of some healthy substitutes.

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