Smell that Boost your Mood

One more scent to assist you improve your mood instantly is that the smell of coconut. whether or not you eat it or simply smell it, its scent boosts your dopamine and serotonin levels, making you feel better. Coconut is additionally an aphrodisiac that’s utilized in differing types of beauty product. The smell of coconut reminds you of a tropical paradise wherever you’re enclosed by palm trees, white sands and turquoise water.


Many people love a peppermint scent. Peppermint is extremely well-liked around the world for its healing properties. Peppermint scent reduces stress and causes you to feel happier in an exceedingly matter of seconds. Try drinking peppermint tea or add a few drops of peppermint oil to a plain water in a spray bottle and use it as an air freshener to boost your spirit.



The smell of cooked food has incredible power. Just imagine the smell of roasting turkey or a cake and you will understand all the importance of these smells. The smell of food can make you feel at home, where you can be safe with your beloved by your side. As our appetites are linked to dopamine and serotonin production in the brain, food smells can make you feel better even if you won’t eat anything. So if you are in a bad mood today, try to make your favorite meal and see what will happen.


We use rosemary in stews, soups and many other meals without realizing that its scent is a wonderful mood-booster. It helps to calm your whole body as well as increases endorphins in the brain. Whether fresh or dried, rosemary is definitely a must have in every kitchen.

Some of these smells will do wonders for your body and your overall well-being. They need the ability to heal, improve mood and ignite childhood or the other pleasant memories.

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