Things That Should Top Your Bucket List in the Bahamas!

The Bahamas is synonymous with an exotic beach vacation and are on every globetrotter’s wishlist. The archipelagic state enjoys its popularity as one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean region. The Bahamas is a land of diverse people and cultures, with many things to do and places to visit. Whether you want to relax under the sun on the beach or partake in exciting water sports, the Bahamas has all the right ingredients to make your vacation a memorable experience. Here is a list of the top 10 things you must do in the Bahamas:

1. Play in the pink sands

If you step further away from the happening resorts and the casino hubs in Nassau, you will come across the beautiful little Pink Sands Beach which offers to its tourists a true Caribbean experience. It is located on the less-trodden east coast of Harbour Island, which is in proximity to Dunmore Town. Stay in a beautiful villa through the wide range of Nassau vacation rentals to have the best time staying near the sea. Some of the most luxurious properties are located on this beach, and you can find them hidden amidst the dunes and blooms on the beach.

2. Head to the Blue Lagoon Island

Officially referred to as the Salt Cay, this erstwhile hiding zone for pirates and a training ground for divers during the 2nd World War is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Bahamas today, especially for families. The main attractions are the stunning stretches of white sand that run along the shores and the McCutcheon’s Tower which offer picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea. One can also take part in the famous Dolphin Encounters program, which gives travellers a chance to swim with the most intelligent mammals in the world.

3. Scuba Dive at Andros Barrier Reef

The beautiful waters of the Bahamas house the world’s third largest barrier reef, which makes it an excellent choice for Scuba divers. The most popular reef is the Andros Barrier Reef which is almost 190 miles in length and begins eight-feet below the sea level while plunging into the tongue of the Ocean which is more than 6,000 feet down. There are excellent spots for diving that one can find in the Bahamas.

4. Have fun at the Paradise Island Water Park

Another popular attraction in the huge Atlantis Bahamas Resort is the Paradise Island Water Park which is located on the Northern fringes of Nassau. It is a great place for families to visit, when in the area. The foremost attractions are the water slides and splash pools for those looking for some splashing whereas for adrenaline junkies there is a ride called the Leap of Faith, which sends passengers down from the terrace of a make-believe Aztec temple.

5. Take the plunge at Atlantis

You cannot miss this one if you are a thrill-seeker! Drop your fears and head to the Atlantis Aquaventure to take the Leap of Faith. Keep your eyes open at this almost-vertical slide that makes you go through a tank filled with sharks. The waterpark is spread across an area of 140 acres and lures daredevils from around the world to pay it a visit. If you don’t love the adrenaline rush too much, you can always grab an inner tube and take one of the easy river rides or relax in any of the 11 pools here.

6. Go to Beachcomb and cave in the Lucayan National Park

One of the foremost attractions of the Bahamas is the Lucayan National Park, which is located on the Southern coast and is a sprawling landscape of mangrove swamps and beaches, pine forests and weaving boardwalks. While wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers love this place for the sights, the cave systems here are amazing as well and tourists must take a peek into the caverns to spy on sleeping bats and jungle creatures.

7. Go rum-tasting

If there had to be a hypothetical national drink in the Bahamas, it would most certainly be rum. You can visit any famous bar or restaurant in Bahamas, whether it is a five-star or a beach shack and taste the many exciting rum cocktails served. This can be owed to the country’s rich history with rum going back to the days of pirates, and the prohibition in the United States which made bootlegging a famous occupation.

8. Ride a horse on the beach

Irrespective of whether you are an experienced horseback rider or a beginner wanting to experiment with riding a galloping horse, horseback riding along the shoreline is an experience that you would not want to miss. However, if you are trying your luck for the first time, you should start from a slow walk and gradually increase your pace. The easiest option is to head to Harbour Island, Pink Sands Beach and search for a man with horses.

9. Eat the Conch Salad

If we had to choose an eccentric and delicious dish of the Bahamas, we would opt for a conch salad. This healthy snack is prepared using a marine mollusc living within a big spiral shell. This shell has gained popularity recently and is seen as being associated with the Caribbean. The salad is made by using the meat inside the shell and cutting it up to serve with mixed vegetables and seasonings. You cannot leave this place without sampling this local delicacy and a great place to try it would be the Arawak Cay Fish.

10. Check out the underwater caves

One of the most beautiful underwater cave systems can be found here in the Bahamas. It is rich with with marine life such as sponges, lobsters, crabs and shrimps. The network includes many submerged caves, blue holes as well as huge marine sinkholes which go as deep as approximately 350 metres. In fact, Bahamas Underground also offers training and guides tourists who are interested in checking out these caves!
Now that you know all about the exciting things that the Bahamas offers, it is time to book your tickets and head for an exciting vacation there!

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