Top 10 ways to Make Healthy Foods

Consuming nutritious, healthy foods is the best way to enhance your overall wellbeing. Including the right nutrients plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the body. Incorporating simple changes to make everyday foods healthier can enhance the nutrient value of your meals and improve your lifestyle. Read on to know some easy ways to make healthy foods.

1.Reduce fats

Not all fats are bad. Use unsaturated fats (for example, olive oil) over saturated ones such as butter. However, make sure to use it in moderation as all fats are loaded with calories.

2.Cut down on sugar

Sugar in any form, whether white sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup etc. just add a lot of calories without any nutrition value.

Experiment with less amounts of sugar when you bake. You would see that cakes will taste good even if the sugar quantity is reduced. Some items such as fruit scones, fruit cakes and breads can be made without sugar too as the dried fruits will provide the sweetness.

3.Include more fiber

Brown alternatives of food items such as bread, pasta and rice will help to increase the fiber content of your dishes. These also contain magnesium, B vitamins, zinc and other essential nutrients. This in turn will make you feel fuller for a longer time.

4.Eat more vegetables and fruits

Studies say that most people do not get enough of the recommended dosage of fruits and vegetables. You must get 4 to 10 servings of different fruits and vegetables daily. These healthy foods will help keep your nutrient bank full.

5.Opt for low-fat dairy

Dairy products such as sour cream, yogurt and milk are excellent sources of calcium. Replace whole-milk dairy food items with nonfat or low-fat products to cut down on the saturated fat in your diet.

6.Keep portions reasonable

When it comes to weight control and fitness, all that matters is the calories you consume and expend. One of the best ways to manage calorie intake is to eat healthy portions.

7.Check your salt intake

Whether you have high blood pressure or not, it is always wise to keep a tab on your sodium intake. Health experts recommend taking in less than 1 teaspoon of salt daily.

8.Enhance the flavor

Enhance the taste of your healthy foods with bold flavors from healthy ingredients, including spices and herbs. When the food is full of flavor, it does the job.

9.Go natural

That natural healthy foods are better than processed foods is a no-brainer. When you eat organic foods you are taking in foods that have been cultivated without pesticides which have been proven to be toxic for the human body. A simple shift to organic produce can mean a significant nutritional difference.

10.Put away your frying pan

While some foods taste good only when fried, resist doing so on a regular basis. You need to use a lot of oil to fry and the healthier choice would be to bake it instead.

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