Women and Sleep: Tips to Quit Counting Sheep and Get Some Shut Eye

Sleep – we all need it, and many of us wish we got more of it. Whether it’s juggling work, kids, yoga classes, civic duties, or all on the same day, women need their beauty sleep to successfully do chores and meet goals. If you’re not getting the brand of sleep you need, read the following so you can quit counting sheep and finally get to sleep.

Set an Alarm

Most alarm situations involve getting up in the morning, but busy women sometimes lose track of nighttime minutes and don’t get to bed until late or at various times. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get in bed. If you routinely get to bed at the same time, it will help to ensure you’re getting enough rest and remain dedicated to a good night’s sleep.

Wear Socks and Pajamas

A 1999 study found that the warmer you are, the faster you fall asleep. You may be prone to feeling cold, so make sure you’re nice and toasty under the covers by slipping on some socks and getting yourself a warm pair of pajamas from Sleepyheads.com. Choose warmer fabrics, and don’t mind what is appropriate for the season. It’s more important to feel warm enough to fall asleep.

Unplug Before Bed

In today’s world, the average person may be in bed yet have a smartphone, iPad, gaming system, and other digital devices by their side. Make it a habit to unplug before bed and shut off your devices (or at least put them on silent mode). Even though your body is in the reclined position, you’ll have trouble getting to sleep if your mind is racing and paying attention to multiple devices.

Quit the Caffeine After the Morning

Some researchers found that caffeine stays in one’s system longer than previously thought. So, if you’re one to drink coffee at work or meet friends at night at the cafe, change your habits or turn to decaffeinated drinks. You can’t rest if your system is filled with caffeine.

Make Yourself Tired with Exercise

Those who regularly exercise have a lot of energy as compared to those who do not, yet, ironically, those who burn calories have less problems getting to sleep. Those who engage in forms of exercise have added energy but make themselves tired through forms of exertion. Consider jogging, cycling, lifting weights, rowing, dancing, or engaging in a number of activities that will make you healthy yet tired.

Ban the Animals

If you have animals, it’s likely you love being around them, but allowing them to sleep with you, or rest on your bed when you’re not there, collects dander and hair, things that may incite allergic reactions and unrest. You don’t have to love your animals any less but you should consider banning them from napping on your bed and sleeping with you at night.

Invest in a Better Bed

Beds can be expensive, especially those of premium quality. However, considering that you spend a third of your time sleeping, spending money on a quality bed is nothing compared to the thousands people spend on a car. It’s hard to enjoy a restful night when you’re sleeping in a dated, dilapidated bed.

Mina Papas is a working mom with a keen interest in apparel. She always appreciates the opportunity to share her insights online. You can find her thoughts on a variety of related websites.

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