Equatorial Guinea Food That You Can Hog On to Your Heart’s Content

The cuisine of Equatorial Guinea is a mixed bag of various food items from different world regions. Equatorial guinea food includes cuisines from the Islamic state of Morocco, Spain ( their colonial motherland ), and other native tribes.

The most common ingredients found in a dish are meat, fish, and chicken. Chilies and spices are popular too. Equatorial guinea food recipes key ingredients are extracted from plants, animals, sweet potato, snails, cocoyam, etc.

All about Equatorial Guinea food

People don’t migrate alone; with them migrate their dishes and recipes. As Equatorial Guinea has seen many colonisations and migrations in the past, its cuisine varied throughout history. It became a fusion of west Africa and the southern United States. Some of the equatorial guinea lunch food recipes include –

  • Bananas
  • Cassava
  • Rice with yam and meat
  • Chicken with Cream sauce with boiled plantain
  • Guinea fowl paella
  • Grilled fish cooked with pumpkin seeds and served in leaves
  • Leafy vegetables like kale, spinach acts as a good source of vitamin A.
  • Tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, coconuts are originally grown in the homeland itself.
  • Local people cook duck on special occasions like marriages, birthdays, or any general equatorial guinea celebrations.

Equatorial Guinea FoodEquatorial guinea food: the national dish

70% of the population in Equatorial guinea still lives below the poverty line, according to the international poverty index. In such cases, the term “national dish” does not refer to a fancy dish they love or are proud of, but here is something that prevents millions of people from being starved to death. Thus, the equatorial guinea national dish, Succotash, consists of simple ingredients usually homegrown. It is a complete dish that provides all the nutrition body requires without using fancy ingredients.

Succotash equatorial guinea key ingredients –

  • Corn
  • Lima beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Beef
  • Turnip
  • Multi-colored sweet peppers
  • Salt pork
  • Okra

All the items mentioned above are combined with a legume such as lentils, soybeans, peas, clover, Alfalfa, etc. It becomes a perfect blend of mixture providing essential amino acids to the body.

Equatorial Guinea food: DESSERTS

When we think of dessert, we normally think of something sweet. But equatorial guinea desserts consist of all the wired ingredients you might not have even thought if a desert could ever contain. These deserts can taste anything from sweet to spicy and salty. That’s what makes them unique in their way.

They can even be as extreme as being served hot. Many people believe that “hot desserts” taste even better, as ingredients tend to melt in their mouths.

Some common equatorial guinea desserts include Akwadu, Hirshon, Nkate cake, Korolevsky Cake, African banana coconut bake, etc.

Equatorial guinea food: STAPLE FOOD

The staple food of Equatorial guinea is Cassava. It is a nutty flavored, starchy root vegetable or tuber. It acts as a major source of calories and carbohydrates for people.

Equatorial guinea cassava is inculcated as an ingredient in various equatorial guinea food recipes. Some of the dishes prepared using it are cassava cakes, cassava pie, cassava leaf soup, etc.

There are various sporting events and celebrations organized in equatorial guinea. A common point among all of the events is the food and drinks that are consumed. We already talked a lot about different kinds of dishes consumed during equatorial guinea sports and celebrations and their major ingredients.

Their major drinks include Osang tea, a special African tea; an alcoholic drink made up of sap of palm trees; Malamba made up of fermented sugar, etc.


What is the national food of Equatorial Guinea?

Answer- equatorial guinea national food is Succotash. Its main ingredients include sweet corn, lima beans, butter, salt.

2. Is Equatorial Guinea dangerous?

Answer – Most equatorial guinea parts are considered very safe however the country ranks high on the international crime rate index. But the trick here is that if a country ranks high on the international crime index, most of the crimes are reported and investigated.

3. What is malamba?

Answer- It is an alcoholic drink made up of fermented rice sugar.

4. Why is Equatorial Guinea so rich?

Answer – 70% of the population in the country lives below the poverty line, so it is not very rich.


Equatorial guinea cuisine is a mixed bag of food from various cultures and traditions. Everyone should try this cuisine at least once in their life.

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