How to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Whether you have a date, you are on the way to work, or you just feel like looking amazing, makeup is a good place to start. Your primer, foundation, blush, and lipstick are important, but your eyes are the star attraction. You have seen the power of a bedazzling gaze when you watch celebrities on the screen, see them on social media, or in a magazine. If you want to take someone’s breath away or stop them in their tracks, you need to learn the tricks of the trade from makeup experts.

It is time to make your eyes stand out. You can make your eyes stand out by experimenting with colored contacts to see how you would look with a different eye color, mastering the perfect eyebrow shape and product, experimenting with your eyeliner, pumping up your eyelashes, and embracing brown hues for your eyes.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out1. Find Out How You’d Look with a Different Eye Color

You do not have to go to extremes to change the color of your eyes. Cheap color contacts are a small investment that can offer you huge returns. If you want the wow factor, try switching things up by going much lighter than your natural eye color. You can also experiment with vibrant colors that will make people look twice and match them to the season or holiday.

If you really want others to stare at your spellbinding eyes, try an unusual color like violet or multicolor lenses that add a rainbow of colors at the fringe of your iris.

2. Help Your Eyebrows to Make a Statement

It is time to stop ignoring your eyebrows and make them pop. The first step is to give them a definition or a new shape. You can look at your favorite celebrities or influencers for inspiration when it comes to eyebrow shapes. Next, grab your tweezers. Pluck out any hairs that are creeping toward the center of your forehead. You do not want a unibrow. Catch any stragglers that are poking every which way.

If you are not comfortable plucking your own eyebrows, you can visit a professional and have them give you the eyebrow shape you desire. Decide if you want a thin line that is uniform or if you would rather your brow is thicker in the area closest to your nose. You can make the rest taper. Once your brow has your preferred shape, apply your cosmetics. You can use an eyebrow pencil to give your brows clean lines. Try an eyebrow mascara to fill in the color. Your brows will look thicker as well.

Eyebrow gel can add the finishing touch by holding your brows firmly in place. The gel can also allow you to make your brows look more full by brushing the hairs up and out. As you work on one eye, you will really see the transformation as you compare the before and after results. Feel free to experiment with different types of brow products so you can learn which works best for you.

3. Get Playful with Your Eyeliner

Traditionally, women have worn black eyeliner on the top and bottom lid. You can spice things up and break away from the trend. Use a pearl, light pink, or white liner on your bottom lid to brighten your gaze.

When you do your top lid, try a variety of shades to see what goes best with your eyes. If you have brown eyes, you can try charcoal, green, blue, or purple. A darker brown is always a go-to choice. Plum, bronze, or emerald will complement hazel eyes. Navy blue, gold, or brown will make blue eyes even more dazzling than they already are. Go with violet, brown, or bronze if you have a beautiful green gaze.

Think of warm colors if your eyes are gray to really bring out your smoky tones. When you apply your eyeliner to the top lid, you can stop at the outer corner of your eyes or bring it out farther when you have a flair for drama. Once again, feel free to experiment with different eyeliner colors and shapes to find your best look.

4. Pump Up Your Eyelashes

Mascara is not enough to highlight your eyelashes. If your lashes are really thin, apply the false lashes. You can use either traditional glue-on lashes or magnetic. If you are looking to take your lashes a step further, you can schedule an appointment with a professional to get either a lash lift, tint, or eyelash extensions.

Whether you are going with your natural lashes or have used fake lashes to create more fullness, you should use an eyelash curler. When your lashes flip-up, they make your eyes look like they are wide open.

5. Embrace Brown Hues for Your Eyes

Before applying eyeshadow, be sure to apply an eyeshadow primer to ensure that your product stays in place and does not fade. People tend to choose brilliant colors for their favorite eye shadow. Shades of brown will work no matter what color eyes you have. They can enhance your eye color without creating a distraction. As a rule of thumb, always choose light colors for your base and brow bone. Darker colors work well on the outside of the eyelid and running along the crease.

Choose something in between with some sparkle to go in the inside corner. Make sure to blend your colors as well so that there are no dramatic lines unless that is the look you are going for. When you are done, apply your other cosmetics. Remember that your eyes should be the most dramatic feature on your face.

You do not have to be a makeup artist to make your eyes look their best. Invest in quality cosmetics, makeup brushes, and look to your favorite celebrities or influencers for inspiration. Play with different colors, products, and brands to find out what works best for you. Follow how-to videos when you feel like trying a new look. Give your eyes the attention they deserve.

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